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Community Impact Survey

‚ÄčWho should take the Community Impact Survey?

UHD students, faculty and staff should complete the Community Impact Survey each time they lead a community engagement project at UHD or with UHD students. This includes instructors for all Service Learning, A+CE: Involvement, and A+CE: Integration courses.

If you are a student completing a community engagement project as part of your course, DO NOT USE THE COMMUNITY IMPACT SURVEY. Instead, you should track your service hours using the student hours tracking system.

Who will see the results of the survey?

The Community Impact Survey results are collected and analyzed by the CCESL staff. A copy of your responses will be sent to you. In addition, a short survey (without your project details) will be sent to the listed primary community partner organization.

Why should I participate in the survey?

UHD receives many requests for data regarding our community engagement activities each year. In an effort to streamline our processes and request information less frequently from faculty and staff, we ask that after each activity, the survey be completed by the project leader. This way, we have the information we need at the time it is requested.

Last updated 4/29/2020 8:14 AM