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Community Work Study and Internship Program

​The Community Work Study and Internship Program is a branch of the Federal College Work-Study Program operated by CCESL. The program is dual-purposed—provides temporary, part-time employment for UHD students with a financial need and meets the needs of the community through designated ‘partner’ organizations in Houston.

Partner organizations that employ Community Work-Study students are not paid wages by the organization. Students are compensated through their financial aid award and work 10 -19.5 hours per week. These organizations train, assign tasks, supervise, and monitor the hours of the student by completing weekly timesheets.

There are two types of positions that students may fill as participants in the CWSI program:

  1. TUTOR: Reading tutor with PK-5th grade students or math & science tutor with PK-9th grade students.
  2. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT INTERN: Interns will vary, however, the activities will be related to students' major or career interests, and fulfill the needs of the community partner.

How to Apply for Community Work Study & Internship Program: Students

​UHD students may apply for Community Work Study and Internship (CWSI) program positions through the UHD employment website (keywords: community engagement). To be eligible, students must be work-study recipients.

To review a current list of available off-campus internship or tutoring sites, please visit the Community Work Study & Internship Program Site.

Students should attach a copy of their cover letter, resume, class schedule, and a screenshot of their work study award to the application (pdf). This will help speed up the employment process.

CCESL staff may ask you to come in for a preliminary interview to ensure your fitness for a position. You will be required to interview with your potential work site. You should bring  a copy of your resume and cover letter for that position to the work site. 

TIP: Please make sure someone has proofread your resume and cover letter before sending it to your potential work site.

If approved by the potential work site, students will be asked to complete a series of paperwork by the UHD Employment Services Office.  

Community Work Study and Internship Orientation are held periodically throughout the semester as needed. All CWSI students must attend the orientation in order to be cleared to begin work. 

Once all paperwork and initial orientation has been completed, students will be notified by CCESL when they are eligible to begin working. 

How to Apply for Community Work Study & Internship Program: Organizations

Organizations should hold 501(c)3 status, or be educationally related in order to participate in the CWSI program.

The CWSI program orientation video for organizations may be helpful in finding more information about the program.

Community Work Study and Internship Orientation Webinar for Organizations


Frequently Asked Questions

When will students know if they are eligible for work study?

Students are notified during the summer time that they are eligible for work study. If a student has not already been awarded work study funds, they must apply for a work study position first. The Office of Financial Aid will review the student's eligibility and award them work study funds if appropriate.

Can organizations pre-select student interns for the Community Work Study & Internship program?

Organizations can certainly recommend students to apply for the program. However, all potential interns and tutors will be evaluated by CCESL and top candidates will be determined from the pool.

When can organizations expect to begin receiving information about potential students?

Students apply year-round for the CWSI program. However, CCESL tries to place all students during the month of August for full year appointments. Organizations should expect to hear about candidates beginning in mid-August.

Is there any support for organizations to create appropriate position descriptions?

Yes. Please make sure that you watch the CWSI webinar. In addition, many organizations find this document, Tips on Effective Internship Descriptions, helpful in structuring your description to fit an internship position.

I have already submitted my position description, do I need to resubmit it with the Work Study Agreement?

If you have already submitted the position description via the separate form, you do not need to resubmit your description. If you have not submitted a separate description, you will need to attach it to the Work Study Agreement.

In the event that a position description is determined to be ineligible for a work study intern, can organizations re-submit the description?

Yes, organizations are welcome to revise their original position descriptions and resubmit them for consideration in the Community Work Study & Internship program.

When is the Work Study Agreement due?

The Work Study Agreement should be submitted to CCESL as soon as possible in your process. Students may apply to intern with your organization based on the submitted position description, however, no student may be placed with an organization before a fully executed agreement is on file with UHD.

Do organizations need to provide proof of insurance?

In most cases, the General Liability Insurance of UHD covers students when they go off-campus. However, for certain position descriptions or organizations, proof of General Liability Insurance may be required. Those will be determined on an individual basis upon the recommendation of the Office of Financial Aid.

What if I have more questions?

You may contact CCESL at or 713-226-5291.

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