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Community Engagement Work Study Program

​The Community Engagement Work-Study Program is a branch of the Federal College Work-Study Program operated by CCESL. The program is dual-purposed—provides temporary, part-time employment for UHD students with a financial need and meets the needs of the community through designated ‘partner’ organizations in Houston.

Partner organizations that employ Community Engagement Work-Study students are not paid wages by the organization. Students are compensated through their financial aid award and work 10 -19.5 hours per week. These organizations train, assign tasks, supervise, and monitor the hours of the student by completing weekly timesheets.

How to Apply for Community Engagement Work Study

​UHD students may apply for Community Engagement Work Study positions through the UHD employment website. To be eligible, students must be work-study recipients.

Students should attach a copy of their class schedule as well as a screenshot of their work study award to the application. This will help speed up the employment process.

Community Engagement Work Study Responsibilities

    •  The CCESL Work Study Coordinator will:
      • Interview the student
      • Submit a Security Background Check Request to the UHD Employment Office
      • Receive the approval to proceed with the employment process
      • Send the Off-Campus Referral Form to the organization prior to the organization's interview with the student
      • Receive the Off-Campus Referral Form from the organization and process it
      • Complete and finalize employment forms and work study instructions with student
    • The student will:
      • Return all forms to CCESL Work Study Coordinator prior to beginning employment
      • Begin working on the approved date and work schedule
    • The organization will:
      • Train the student employee
      • Provide the student with a computer to electronically punch in/out each arrival/departure day
      • The organization must submit the timesheet each week no later than Wednesday morning at 9:00 am
      • Evaluate student workers before their last day of work study by using the Work Study Evaluation Form.


Last updated 12/11/2017 10:59 AM