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Joint Admission Agreement

Please complete the student agreement below.

The following conditions apply:

  1. The student’s enrollment at UHD is governed by the terms and provisions of the UHD Catalog in effect at the time of admission.
  2. In no event can student graduate under a UHD catalog more than 10 years old.
  3. Student must maintain continuous enrollment at the participating community college for this agreement to remain in effect.
  4. If a student fails to register for classes at either the participating community college or UHD for two long semesters, then this contract will be terminated and student will be required to resubmit a JA contract, reapply to UHD, and be subject to the UHD Catalog in force at the time of reapplication.
  5. Student will be eligible to apply for acceptance to one of the UHD degree granting colleges and/or to declare a major, upon meeting the stated requirements as if student was currently enrolled at UHD.
  6. Student understands that credit for courses taught at the lower division at the participating community college will not be accepted in fulfillment of course requirements taught at the upper division at UHD except in limited circumstances provided in specific program articulation agreements.
  7. Student will be considered “home” to the participating community college for financial aid purposes as long as student is enrolled in lower division courses at the participating community college. If student takes courses from UHD, then the student will become “home” to UHD and required to comply with UHD financial aid requirements.
  8. Student understands that to utilize certain library and athletics facilities at UHD, a UHD student ID is required which must be obtained in person from UHD at One Main Street during normal business hours.
  9. Student will activate GatorMail email account to receive communications from UHD about programs and status and will regularly monitor it for communications from UHD. Student acknowledges that communications sent by UHD to the student’s GatorMail account are official notice from the university,
  10. Student will comply with all their participating community college and UHD advising requirements.
  11. Student is subject to the academic and disciplinary policies of the enrolling institution(s). Additionally student is subject to policies governing student use of computers, technology, e-mail, athletic facilities and library when using those services, without regard to enrollment.
  12. Student will be eligible to register for courses at UHD as though they were previously registered full-time at UHD.
  13. Student understands that loss of eligibility to continue in classes at either institution may cause termination of this agreement.
  14. Student will not receive a $50 application fee refund if payment was made before the signing of this contract.
  15. Student may cancel this agreement at any time upon written notice to the UHD Office of Admissions Office.