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Gator Card FAQs

right facing arrow iconWhat is the Gator Card?

The Gator Card is the official University of Houston-Downtown identification card. The Gator Card is issued to provide access to facilities and services such as the university library, the computer labs, Sports & Fitness Center and to a declining balance meal program. The issuance of an active Gator Card will be based upon an individual’s primary affiliation with UHD and is only valid and active when the bearer is a registered student, staff, faculty, alumni, or university affiliate of the University of Houston-Downtown.

right facing arrow iconWhat are the components of the Gator Card?

The components of the Gator Card are:

  • Digitized Picture: Used for identification
  • Student PeopleSoft ID number: Used for identification
  • Magnetic Stripe (on back): Use for database connection to access services.

right facing arrow iconWhat will a Gator Card cost me?

The initial Gator Card is free for students and employees and is $10 for alumni. A replacement card will cost $10.

right facing arrow iconHow can I establish GatorCash funds on my Gator Card?

GatorCash can be loaded through online credit card deposit via the GatorCash webpage.

Image of current UHD Identification card or Gator Card
GatorCash can only be added to ID cards that are in the format shown above.

right facing arrow iconWhere can I use GatorCash?

GatorCash can be used at all UHD Dining Services locations:

  • UHD Food Court, Academic Building
  • Starbucks, Academic Building
  • Sushi, Academic Building
  • UHD Food Trucks

right facing arrow iconAre digitized photos maintained on file?

Yes, the digitalized photos are stored in the Gator Card database. This allows for instant card replacement. The photo also gives the Gator Card staff an additional means of identifying persons requesting replacement cards.

right facing arrow iconWhat should I do if my Gator Card is lost or stolen?

Notice of lost/stolen cards or of unauthorized card use should be reported immediately by phone or in person to University of Houston-Downtown, University Business Services Office, One Main Street, Suite S910, Houston, Texas 77002-1014. The phone number is (713) 221-8611. Business hours are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Last updated 9/27/2021 2:03 AM