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Shipping Information

​Online tracking is available for UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL mailing services.  To check the status or trace a shipment that you are expecting or sending, you will need the tracking number for the applicable vendor.

Track a UPS package.

Track a FedEx package.

Track a USPS package.

Track a DHL package.

Note:  When a carrier's tracking system shows a shipment as delivered, it does not mean the shipment is ready to be delivered from Shipping Services.  Please see pick up and delivery times.

Express Vendors delivery times:

UPS-10:30 am

Federal Express-10:00 am

Federal Express Ground-12:30 pm

USPS-11:00 am

Amazon- varies

Mailroom delivery schedule to departments:

Express Courier packages are delivered to departments before 12 p.m., daily.  

Department mail bags are delivered from 1-2:30 daily.

Outgoing USPS mail/packages must be received by 3 p.m., Monday - Friday. Outgoing mail is delivered to the post office by 3:30 daily.

Rates and Fees:  UHD receives discounts from UPS and Federal Express. Contact the mail room to compare rates and fees for express mail.

Pickup and Drop Off:  Shipping services provide daily pickup and delivery for USPS mail/packages and all express vendors.  All vendor and campus mail, incoming or outgoing, is collected and delivered to the appropriate destinations. USPS mail and small packages can be dropped off in the outgoing mailboxes located in OMB 101 N Shipping front entrance and third floor across from Barnes/Noble.

Outgoing Express Vendors pick up times:

​FedEx​11:00 a.m.
​UPS​3:30 p.m.


Last updated 6/17/2021 9:45 AM