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Appendix B - Notes

​The Fact Book does not include enrollments in classes starting after the official day of record for the Fall semester.

The Fact Book includes students and their enrolled credit hours who are non-resident, located out of state, and taking only online classes. These students cannot be included in state reports per their instructions. The numbers of effected students are as follows: Fall 2016: 6 students (33 semester credit hours), Fall 2017: 6 students (51 semester credit hours) and Fall 2018: 4 students (21 semester credit hours). This affects all pages that are counts of students (including gender/ethnicity, classification, FTE, majors) and reports on semester credit hours.

Graduate certificate only students are included in internal (and federal) reports as Graduate students. In state reports they are considered post baccalaureate students.

The seminar classes are assigned to departments based on the department of the instructor of record. There is one exception to this method of assigning the classes, sections taught by a University College faculty member are assigned to the Urban Education department because they are being taught for that department.

In cases of reorganization at the university, the prior years’ information (students, graduates, courses) is also listed with the current structure to allow easier and more consistent comparison across time. This includes the following:

  • Davies College of Business and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences departments were reorganized effective Fall 2017.

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