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Laboratory Emergency Notification Phone Numbers 

In the event of ANY laboratory safety event, notify:

​NS Laboratory Manager​713-221-8177
​Chief Safety Officer (CSO) - NS Chairperson​713-221-8015
​Environmental Health & Safety Manager​713-221-8040

In the event of a MAJOR laboratory safety event, notify:

​NS Stockroom Supervisor713-221-8177
​CSO - NS Chairperson713-221-8015
Environmental Health & Safety Manager​713-221-8040
​Facilities Management​713-221-8026
​UHD Police​713-221-8065
​Dean of College of Sciences and Technology​713-221-8019
​President of UHD713-221-8001

In the event of a laboratory safety event AFTER HOURS, notify:

​UHD Police713-221-8065
911 (if injury or danger)911 (or x9-911) ​

Last updated 11/13/2019 2:07 AM