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The EHS Office requires a site plan for all outdoor festival events.  The plan must indicate the locations of tents, canopies, propane heaters, booths, and other items that could present a risk to event participants.  EHS will verify proper clearances and Fire Department access requirements are maintained. 

For rented tents and canopies that are 1,200 square feet or larger, the rental company is required to obtain a permit from the City of Houston.  A duplicate copy of the permit application shall be forwarded to the EHS Office.  Requirements for the large tents are as follows:

  • Lighted “Exit” signs posted at each exit
  • An adequate number of exits for the number of occupants
  • Exits located at opposite ends or sides of the tent or canopy
  • Exits that are easy to open and move through. The use of flaps that are buckled or snapped does not meet the requirements of an exit door. A canopy at the exit is helpful
  • Campus Police (x8056) protection if the tent will be up overnight  (This will provide security and fire safety in lieu of automatic fire detection or alarm)
  • Drapes, table skirts and other materials that have been treated with fire retardant
  • Flags tied onto ropes and stakes so people will see these tripping hazards
  • A safety review of activities conducted by the event safety representative
  • A 12 feet high canopy without sides is required over cooking equipment/grills, or you can choose to cook without a canopy
  • Contact Facilities Management to make arrangements for lights, power and/or heat
  • No smoking is allowed inside or near the perimeter
  • Assign an on-site person and alternates who will call x 8-911 in the event of an emergency.  Provide the names of these individuals to the EHS Office and have everyone program the UHD Police number 713-221-8911 in their cell phone
  • Provide fire extinguishers throughout the event site. Consult with the EHS Office for the number and locations of these fire extinguishers. At minimum place a fire extinguisher at all exits and entrances.
  • Portable Cooking Booths:
    • Place and use a minimum of 15 feet from any permanent structure
    • Maintain a minimum of 10 feet of separation between cooking booths and non-cooking booths
    • Cooking booth venders must provide a fire extinguisher for each cooking booth, unless event sponsor assigns trained fire watch individuals.  Consult with EHS Office
        • Charcoal barbeque cooking must be located a minimum of 10 feet from any booth and a minimum of 15 feet from any permanent structure
        • Charcoal barbeque cooking is prohibited inside of any booths

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Last updated 11/20/2019 4:20 AM