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Temporary Food Dealer's Permit Requirements

​A UHD Temporary Food Dealer’s Permit is required when any registered student organization, department, faculty, or staff member sells food/ food related items during their event. The Temporary Food Dealer's Permit will be provided through an approved Food Service Application. Temporary Food Dealer's Permits must be posted in a clear public view for the duration of the event.

Permits expire at the end of scheduled event. Please contact the EHS Office if extensions are needed. The Events and Conferences Department or EHS Office may suspend any permit to operate a temporary food facility or catered event if the permit holder does not comply with the requirements of these guidelines or the UHD Food Services Sanitation Manual.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding UHD Temporary Food Dealer’s Permits, please contact the EHS Office at 713-221-8040 or


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Last updated 11/20/2019 4:12 AM