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Special Event Center Awareness

The Special Events Center is located in the Academic Building, room A300, which is adjacent to the Food Court and the Cullen Robertson Auditorium.  The Special Events Center can be one large room or divided into two or three separated smaller rooms.  All coordinators should to be aware of the following safety issues.

Room Dividers

There are two room dividers that can be completely open for a large event or closed for use either as a single small room or a medium-sized (two small) room(s):

  • For safety purposes, these room dividers can only be operated by select trained individuals (Contact Events and Conferences Department for more information)
  • Two trained individuals are required to safely operate the dividers
  • Each divider has two door portals


Catering Areas

When food service is a part of your event, the space selected must address additional safety issues to accommodate set up for your caterers.

  • When the space is separated by a divider, the door portals between adjacent spaces can serve as entry ways for the caterers to get to the food set up area
  • If the adjacent area is not available, caterers have the option of setting up:
    • Inside the reserved area in a corner of the room, or
    • In the back Service Corridor (at the east end of the corridor along the exterior wall between the two sets of double doors only). See photos below.



Facing east toward One Main Building



Facing West toward Travis Street


Signage (see next photo below)


Service Corridor Safety Limitations

There are certain actions that must be adhered to when using the service corridor:     

  • Nothing can be stored between the west end double doors and the first set of east end double doors of the corridor since they are the main emergency exit pathway (observe arrows on exit signs)
  • Stored items and food setup can only take place at the east end of the corridor between the two sets of double doors along the solid (exterior) wall of the catering area. An emergency path must be maintained for a secondary exit and for vendor deliveries between the Food Court Kitchen and the One Main Building corridor
  • Trash pickup prior to (and if necessary during) the event must be coordinated with FM (x8026)

No Cooking

State Fire Codes limit cooking inside any building only to approved kitchens with an automatic fire suppression system.  Currently the only kitchen approved for cooking is the Food Court kitchen which is located on the third floor of the Academic Building. Access to this kitchen is restricted to Aramark personnel.


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