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Responsibilities in the Event of a Motor Vehicle Accident Involving an Employee While on University Business


Employee’s Responsib​​ilities at the Scene

  1. ​Stop the vehicle immediately, avoiding obstruction to normal flow of traffic.  Place appropriate warning signs or lights, if available, to prevent additional accidents or damage.

  2. If you can do so safely, render aid and assistance to any injured persons.  Request medical assistance from police, firemen, or EMS technicians.  The driver of any vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury or death is required by law to render reasonable assistance to an injured person, which includes making arrangements for or carrying the injured person to treatment facility.

  3. Notify the proper law enforcement agency having jurisdiction at the place of the accident.  If the accident or loss occurs on university property, the component university campus police should be contacted immediately.

    • ​City Police Department within an incorporated city
    • County Sheriff Department outside city limits
    • Texas Department of Public Safety on highways or rural areas​

  4. ​​Comply with all state laws regarding motor vehicle accident reporting and investigation.

  5. Make no statements concerning fault or responsibility for the accident and engage in no arguments.  Do not sign any waiver concerning the accident.  Assist law enforcement personnel in their investigation, but do not speculate about what happened.  If you do not know or are unsure of the answer to any question, state you do not know.  State the facts clearly and objectively, with no false, subjective or misleading statements.​

  6. Obtain the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of the drivers of all other vehicles involved in the accident.  Also obtain their driver’s license number, license plate number and the name, address and phone number for their insurance carrier.

  7. Obtain the names, addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses, if possible.

  8. If a camera is available, obtain photographs of all vehicles, showing the condition and damage of each vehicle.

  9. If not injured, remain at the scene until the investigation is completed or until released by law enforcement personnel at the scene.


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Employee’s Responsib​​ilities After an Accident​​

Texas Department of Transportation Driver's Crash Report: CR2 (PDF)

Texas Department of Transportation – Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report (for Peace Officers conduction a crash investigation): CR-3 (PFD)

For Employee Injury reference:  Employee Accident, Incident or Near Miss Reporting

For Workers' Compensation information reference:  Workers' Compensation Program

For UHS owned vehicle damage reference:  Vehicle Accidents

  1. ​​​Notify your Department Manager, Risk Management & Compliance and Employment Services & Operations' (ESO) Workers' Compensation Claims Coordinator as soon as possible after the accident or after any other unusual circumstances, but not later than one business day.

  2. ​​An employee needs to be prepared to provide the following information to the Risk Management & Compliance Department during notification:
    • ​​Time and location of the accident.
    • ​Other occupants in employee's motor vehicle.
    • ​License plate/serial number of employee's motor vehicle.
    • ​​Nature of injuries, and/or property damage.​

  3. ​An employee involved in a motor vehicle accident shall complete a UHD Vehicle Accident Report Form.  These forms can be obtained from the​ Environmental Health & Safety website:

    ​The employee must submit the motor vehicle accident report, along with any photographs or film to the UHD Risk Management & Compliance Department within 24 hours after a motor vehicle accident has occurred.

  4. ​​​ESO's Workers' Compensation Claims Coordinator will complete the Employer's First Report of Injury or Illness (Form TWCC-1S) according to the applicable rules and instructions contained in the Claims Coordinator Handbook for all motor vehicle accidents which occur during the course and scope of employment and result in an employee injury.

  5. The employee is also responsible for filing the accident report with the appropriate law enforcement authority, as applicable, and for complying with any other requirements of state law relating to drivers involved in a motor vehicle accident.  If an accident is not investigated by a law enforcement officer and the accident resulted in injury or death or an extent of at least $1,000, the driver of the vehicle must forward a written report of the accident to the Texas DPS within ten days after the accident. (Reference TX DOT form CR-2​ (PDF)

  6. ​The employee shall provide any other information relating to the accident as requested by the Risk Management & Compliance Department.​


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Department Manager and/or Risk Management & Compliance Department Responsibilities

 Upon notification that an employee is involved in an accident, the Department Manager of the employee and/or the Risk Management & Compliance Department shall:

  1. Take all necessary action to protect the health and welfare of the University personnel involved in the accident.

  2. Take necessary steps to protect university property involved in the accident. 

  3. Ensure that a complete investigation of the accident has been made.  Assist the employee in meeting all of his/her responsibilities regarding the accident.  

  4. Inform ESO of the accident for record keeping purposes and ensure the completed accident report is given to ESO/UHS Risk Management as appropriate.  Third party claims information  in Coordination of Accident Investigation of Third Party Claims.

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