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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP)Prevention and control of infectious diseases, injuries, etc .
Department of Energy (DOE) Addresses security issues from energy sources (hazardous and radioactive material sources)
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)Biological terrorism/Chemical terrorism
Department of Transportation (DOT)Shipment of hazardous materials
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Enforcement and control of land, air and/or water environmental pollution sources
National Institute of Occupational Health & Safety (NIOSH) Occupational safety and health research
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Developing and enforcing workplace occupational safety

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SORM -(State Office of Risk Management) Protects employees, general public and state's physical and financial assets
TCEQ Regulation Guidance - (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) Regulatory arm in Texas for EPA issues

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International Air Transport AdministrationRegulations for shipping hazardous materials overseas

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UH System Administration Memorandum (SAM)

Safety Administration - (01.C.07) (PDF)Safe and secure university environment

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UHD Policy Statements (PS)​

Risk Management - (01.D.03) (PDF)Guidelines for risk management
Smoking Policy - (01.A.09) (PDF)Designated Smoking Areas only
Workers' Compensation Policy - (02.A.25)​ (PDF)Medical care and treatment, and compensation for work related injury or illness

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