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Insurance Coverage for Authorized Drivers

    1. Automobile liability coverage is provided for authorized drivers of component university-owned or leased vehicles. Details on coverage and limits may be obtained from the UHD Director of Risk Management and Compliance.​

    2. When a System employee rents a vehicle or uses his/her personal vehicle while traveling in the course and scope of employment and the proper Travel Request (or other documentation that substantiates business purpose) is provided, component university coverage includes component university liability and workers' compensation. When renting vehicles while traveling on component university business, the employee should purchase the optional liability and physical damage coverage offered by the rental car company if this coverage is not already included in the base rate. Vehicles rented from state-contracted vendors usually include liability and physical damage coverage in the base rate, so it is normally not necessary to purchase this coverage when using state-contracted rental car companies. Information about state-contracted rental car companies is available on the Comptroller's web site:
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    3. Component university employees while on official component university business are covered for bodily injuries by Workers' Compensation insurance, administered through the State Office of Risk Management.

    4. The component university is not responsible for damage or loss of personal property in rental vehicles or component university-owned or leased vehicles.

Last updated 11/14/2019 7:31 AM