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General Policy Requirements

    1. ​APPROVED DRIVERS - ​Employees who operate university owned, leased or rented motor vehicles while conducting university authorized business shall be on the University's Approved Drivers List​

      ​To avoid non-compliance, Department Managers are expected to:

        1. ​Identify employees reasonably expected to drive a university motor vehicle on university business one or more times per year.
        2. Provide a list of those employees to Employment Services and Operations.
        3. Ensure only those employees on the approved drivers list drive a university motor vehicle.​

      No new employee of the University, subject to the provisions of 02.A.16 - Motor Vehicle Record Evaluation Policy shall operate a university vehicle in the conduct of university business until a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) has been completed and authorization has been obtained.

      ​All job vacancies involving authorized university driving will be posted to note that a valid driver's license and a satisfactory driving record are a condition of employment.

    3. ​​​​AUTHORIZED BUSINESS - Activities directly connected with university business as well as personal activities, such as meals, and maintenance of university vehicles, so long as those activities are directly associated with university business. Authorized business also includes those situations where it is necessary to use a motor vehicle for emergency purposes, e.g., unexpected injury or illness. It may include the use of motor vehicles for reasonable personal activities while on authorized business, such as for evening activities while out of town on university business. The use of a university-owned or university-rented motor vehicle for purposes other than performing or carrying out authorized business is not allowed.

      1. Of the Approved Driver's list, Facilities Management, Police Department and University Business Services employees who regularly drive on university business are required to attend a three hour Safe Driving course, which will be offered by the University at least once every two years.

      2. The course(s) offered by the University may be used for university insurance purposes only, and cannot be used for off-campus ticket dismissal, as UHD courses are not TEA accredited. However, the course(s) offered by the University may be able to be used for discounts on employee's personal automobile insurance (confirm with your insurance agent). Employee's electing to take the class offered by the University, when not required by this driving policy, must do so on personal time (vacation hours).
      3.                       ​
    5. CONDITIONS OF DRIVING - Employees of the University shall exercise the normally prudent care in operating a motor vehicle while performing authorized business.

    6. Employees who operate motor vehicles while conducting authorized business are required to follow the Vehicle Operation Requirements set forth in this document and follow all state traffic safety laws.

      Employees shall report, within one business day, to their Department Manager any moving vehicle mishaps while on authorized business (see Operation of Motor Vehicles in Connection with Employment).  Likewise, any revocation or suspension of a driver's license shall be reported no later than the next business day.

      Employees who are authorized drivers must be knowledgeable regarding the requirements and guidelines set forth in this policy.

      Violation of this policy, including improper use of a motor vehicle or failure to maintain a satisfactory driving record as determined by the University, shall result in the removal of the employee from the approved drivers list and may subject the employee to disciplinary action, which may include termination. Nothing in this policy changes or limits the employment at-will status of an employee and the University'sright to terminate an employee at any time.

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