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Frequently Used Forms

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Environmental Health

Facilities Management

Laboratory Safety

Risk Management Reports/Claim Forms

Employee Accident, Injury or Near Miss



​This page contains the links to a variety of Environmental Health and Safety, as well as Risk Management forms. A brief explanation of when each form is needed appears to the right of each link.


Environmental Health

Indoor Air Quality Reporting (docx)

​Use this form to report issues related to the indoor environment in the building. Air quality issues may include concerns with temperature, humidity, ventilation, odors, or air pollutants that may be causing health or discomfort symptoms.


Facilities Management

Hot Works Permit -  (Issued by EHS) 
​Required in advance of any work requiring heat or open flame to complete within a facility owned, leased or managed by the University of Houston–Downtown (UHD). Includes welding, torch cutting, grinding, brazing, flame soldering, thawing pipes with torches, and other work where there is potential for fire. If you are requesting this permit, you should be either working from a work order, university purchase order, departmental order or a signed contract.

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Laboratory Safety

Guide to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)
The laboratory PI is responsible for the instruction of all laboratory personnel in the safe use of chemicals. Information regarding the classification and safe use of chemicals can be found on this web site.

(From the U. S. Department of Labor)​

Project Hazard Assessment Form (docx)

Special precautions are needed when handling select carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and substances that have a high degree of acute toxicity. The PI must ensure precautions are taken in order to minimize the risk of exposure to these substances.

This form must be filled out and approved before any project with hazardous materials may be considered.

​Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement Registration of Biohazardous Materials and Recombinant DNA (doc)All experiments involving recombinant DNA, biological toxins, and other biohazards must be approved by the UH-System Biological Safety Committee. Approval can be obtained by filling out this form.

UHD will have a standing membership on the UH-System Biological Safety Committee until such time as there is a need to establish an independent Biological Safety Committee at UHD. In summary, faculty working with biological hazards must complete both and MUA (and get it approved by UH) and a PHA which must be approved by all levels at UHD.​

Student Permission to Work Independently After Hours Form (docx)

This form should be filled out by research students or students in some high-impact courses requesting permission to work independently after hours (between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.).

This form must be turned in to the Chief Safety Officer (NS Chair) in the NS Office at least 10 days before work is performed. Laboratory activities which could place the student in a potentially hazardous situation will be denied. Experiments that can be easily performed during normal working hours will likely also be denied. In denied cases, the CSO and the PI should work together until the project is modified or until the project can be completed during normal business hours.

Student Visitor Accident Report Form (pdf)​For any student or visitor accidents or injuries that could result in a potential claim against UHD

Emergency Evacuation Assistance Form (docx)​If an employee or student has a temporary or permanent disability that impairs his or her mobility, or if assistance is needed to evacuate the building during an emergency

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Risk Management Reports/Claim Forms

The following reports are to be turned in to UHD Risk Management (room 910-S of the One Main Building (713-221-8636) for forwarding to UH Risk Management within two business days of the incident.

(Visit the Reporting Accidents and Property Loss site for additional information)

Student, Visi​​tor or Contractor Accident Report Form (docx)

​Any student, visitor or contractor accidents or injuries that could result in a potential claim against UHD
Automobile Accident Procedure Reporting Form

Any vehicle accident ​involving a UHD vehicle (whether the vehicle was damaged or not) or a student/visitor/vendor vehicle possibly damaged by UHD property/personnel

Property Loss Claim Report 
​Any property loss that occurs as a result of occurrences such as fire, theft, or natural disaster

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Employee Accident, Injury or Near Miss

(Visit the Employee Accident, Incident and Near Miss site for additional information.)

When you become aware of any potential hazard, near miss or spill, 

report it to the EHS Office immediately

(713-221-8404 or One Main Building room 621 S)

Report of Safety / Health Hazard and Near Miss

​​Workers' Compensation Polic​y - (02.A.25) (PDF)

​Medical care and treatment, and compensation for work related injury or illness

Supervisor Report of Accident (PDF)

If employee seeks medical care

(Must be completed and forwarded to Benefits Coordinator within 24 hours)

Witness Statement(s) (SORM-74)  (PDF)

If other individuals witness the incident/accident or other individuals have information regarding the incident/accident.

(Must be completed and forwarded to Benefits Coordinator within 24 hours)

Employee’s Report of Injury (SORM-29) (PDF)

For occupational injury, illness or exposure

(Must be completed and forwarded to Benefits Coordinator within 24 hours)

Authorization for Release of Information (SORM 16) (PDF)

If employee seeks medical care

(Must be completed, signed by employee and forwarded to Benefits Coordinator within 24 hours of the medical care)

Employee’s Election Regarding Utilization of Sick and Annual Leave (SORM-80) (PDF)

Injured employee must choose whether or not they will utilize accrued sick leave and any annual leave before receiving workers' compensation income benefits.

(Must be completed and signed, employee and forwarded to Benefits Coordinator within 24 hours of the first full day of lost time.)

​Reference SORM80 for additional information.

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(Visit the Ergonomics site for additional information.)

Office Ergonomic Checklist​ (PDF)​Self assessment checklist that covers your office chair, keyboard, mouse, work surface, monitor, workstation accessories and work habits
Building A Better WorkStation​Video presentation on workstation adjustments that improve ergonomics.
Chair Adjustment Guide
​Video presentation on chair adjustments that improve ergonomics


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