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Emergency Evacuation

The Texas State Fire Marshal's Office regulates the Fire and Life Safety Codes which are state law.   Each state agency is required to enforce those regulations for the prevention of fire related incidents and facilitate evacuation if evacuation becomes necessary.  The staff and volunteers for the event should know the floor plan of the event area, the exit routes of the event area and how to assist with an evacuation of the area/building.  The safety representative should review a floor plan of the area and ensure:

  • Access to all exit doors, corridors and stairways MUST be kept clear at all times.  (Contact FM to coordinate the removal of items that block these areas prior to start of event.)
  • All exit doors are left unlocked during business hours (Contact UHD Police at x8065 in S118)
  • Emergency exits are not held open with any item other than university installed magnetic holds
  • All aisles to access exits are three feet wide and kept clear
  • Emergency exit signs are illuminated and unobstructed
  • Emergency lights are unobstructed
  • Exit doors are not disguised by decorations or obscured by fog, smoke,  pipes or drapes
  • The set up of pipes and drapes do not block or hide exit signs and doors by either:
    • Leaving  an open space in the drapes or
    • Using different color drapes and hang lighted exit signs from the pipe


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Last updated 11/13/2019 5:27 AM