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Think About Safety Before You Buy

Use the safe type of decorations in offices, suites and other non-public areas.

Safe to Use

Decorations that are "UL Listed" and /or     "flame retardant" or don't burn easily, such     as listed below:

Not Safe

Decorations that burn easily, cannot be effectively treated with flame-retardant or can ignite nearby items, such as listed below:

  • Artificial trees and wreaths
  • Natural evergreen trees, wreath, boughs and other cut greenery
  • Streamers or other paper decorations (labeled as fire resistant by the manufacturer)
  • Paper, plastic, Styrofoam decorations not  labeled as fire resistant by the manufacturer
  • Fabrics that are professionally treated with flame retardant
  • Sheer, mesh, gauze-type fabrics
  • Miniature light-bulb strands (for indoor use)
  • Large light-bulb strands (get very hot)
  • Fresh flowers, pumpkins, gourds, indoor plants, fruits, vegetables     
  • Dried flowers/leaves/grasses, corn stalks, hay and straw


Tapes and Adhesives

The Facilities Management (FM) Department prohibits the use of ordinary duct tape or packing tape to secure cords or hang decorations.  The duct tape leaves a sticky residue and removes paint and floor finish.  Use removable tapes and adhesives such as the following that can be purchased from Office Depot, local hardware or office supply stores:

  • Long Mask Blue Masking tape (painter's tape)
  • Gaffer tape for carpets
  • Poster tape, mounting adhesive putty and tabs


Decorations, Lights and Locations

Additional decoration safety guidelines include the following:

  • Do not hang decorations from overhead pipes or sprinkler heads (this could result in water damage) 
  • Keep items 18 inches below fire sprinkler heads
  • Keep lighting equipment (especially high intensity) and other heat sources away from decorations 
  • Remove decorations immediately after your event
  • Locations where decorations are not permitted without an EHS Office safety review include:
    • Atriums
    • Auditoriums, classrooms and other large rooms (obtain permission from space coordinator before purchasing decorations)
    • Corridors
    • Elevators
    • Exit Doorways
    • Lobbies
    • Stairways


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Last updated 11/13/2019 4:22 AM