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Compressed Gases and Chemical Substances

Compressed gas cylinder(s) are used through-out the University for welding, food preparation, and research purposes as well as for special events.

One of the common types of cylinder used at UHD is helium gas to fill balloons. Helium, including all other types of cylinders must be transported by a UHD staff or faculty members who have been approved to do so and must use a cylinder dolly for large cylinders. 

Due to the current Helium Shortage, EHS will no longer supply helium for special events. See links below for more information about the Helium Shortage.

Special events involving cylinders or chemicals must have EH&S approval as part of the event approval process.  The name of the “Responsible Person” as well as a description and location of the activity must be provided to EHS for review. EHS may request additional information, provide training, or implement safety controls before the event is approved.

Chemicals used for demonstration purposes outside of the lab must also be approved by the EHS department before approval of the event is granted. Chemicals can pose undesirable health and fire risks. It is important that EHS is involved with the planning of this type of event.

Helium Shortage Information:

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Last updated 11/13/2019 4:13 AM