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Bacterial Information

Bacteria are found everywhere. Some are harmful and some are not. It is important to keep the growth potential of bacteria to a minimum.  Maintaining the temperatures in the previous section will help prevent food borne illnesses.

Ideal growth of bacteria is in the temperature range of 41°F - 135°F. Due to the growth in this range, we try to keep potentially hazardous foods outside these temperatures and take the foods quickly through this temperature range when heating or cooling foods.

Wiping clean and sanitizing all surfaces periodically while preparing as well as during the event must be conducted.  In addition, all utensils must be kept cleaned and sanitized during event to prevent cross contamination during use. It is important to serve condiments in single service packets or in squeeze bottles with sealable lids to prevent cross contamination.


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Last updated 11/13/2019 3:29 AM