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Employee Assistance Program

UTEAP provides counseling services for all types of life concerns.

Who is eligible?

  • Full-time, benefits-eligible UHD employees
  • Part-time (50% FTE or higher), benefits-eligible UHD employees
  • Dependents of the above-listed employees


What types of assistance does the EAP provide?

Some of the most common reasons that employees contact the EAP are:

+ Stress & Anxiety

+ Depression

+ Alcohol/Drug problems

+ Parenting & Family Concerns

+ Couples & Relationship Issues

+ Unexplained irritability

+ Grief or Bereavement

+ Anger Management

+ Change & Life Transitions

+ Work Conflicts

+ Communication Skills

+ Loneliness & Isolation

We help you and your dependents. We're here 24/7 for crisis situations. You and your family are entitled to 3 free counseling sessions per issue. Services provided by UTEAP are  confidential and  at no cost to you. Get  help  from our state-wide network  of licensed mental health and substance abuse clinicians.


How do I get started ?

For more information on EAP and services and resources available to you or to request a service, visit EAP's website or call 800-346-3549 (24/7). You will be immediately connected to an experienced UTEAP specialist.

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