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Training Access Portal

Accessing TAP

1. Employees may access TAP in one of three ways:

  • Click on the TAP button below.

     TAP button 

2. Once TAP has been accessed, employees may log in using their PeopleSoft /P.A.S.S. 7-digit ID and PeopleSoft/P.A.S.S. Password.


1. To reset the PeopleSoft/P.A.S.S. password, click on​

2. If course(s) are not listed:

3. If the training is not running correctly, employees may:

  • Update the Java on their computer:
  • Change their browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, switch to Mozilla or Chrome.
  • Clear cookies and caches from the browser settings.​​

​For any general questions or assistance with TAP, please contact the Talent Development (TD) team at​.

Last updated 12/20/2018 8:27 AM