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Management Development Program

​Management plays a critical role in the organizational success of the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD). At UHD, managers need to be thoroughly equip​ped to efficiently lead their staff and drive results. To accomplish this, the Talent Development Unit of ESO has created a three-tier, customized management development program consisting of online modules, face-to-face courses with peers and an online resource library. ​

Tier 1 

Calendar.png Online Management Modules
This tier consists of four online management modules geared toward new managers. Each module provides essential tools necessary for navigating financial, legal and personnel-related management responsibilities at UHD. Click on the icon above to access the courses within these modules in My TalentSpace.

Introduction to Professional Management: This module provides new managers with an overview of key points to remember during the transition to management. Learn how to manage staff with confidence with this module.

ESO Processes for Managers: Managers are responsible for detailed personnel-related processes in their positions. In this informative module, managers learn the basics of several ESO processes, including hiring. talent management, time reporting and leave.

Administrative/Financial Responsibilities for Managers: Financial and administrative responsibilities require significant attention to detail. Managers become knowledgeable and better equipped with these responsibilities with this tailor made module for UHD managers.

​Legal Compliance for Managers: Operating in legal compliance is a requirement of all UHD employees, but especially managers. Legal Compliance for Managers is a critical module designed to help managers navigate federal and state laws, as well as UH System and UHD policies.

​​   ​Tier 2 

Calendar.pngManagement Development Classroom-Based Courses
Tier 2 offers monthly face-to-face courses where managers learn alongside their peers. The Tier 2 format is a consolidated half-day session (3 hours) that accommodates managers' schedules and allows completion of the MDP within a month. Although the courses are designed primarily for new and newly promoted managers, seasoned supervisors across UHD are invited to attend.

The following topics are offered.

Leading and Managing in the 21st Century: Managers will discover their management/leadership style in this session and learn how it impacts their team's productivity.​

Performance Coaching and Feedback: This course explores the different approaches coaches can use to motivate and empower employees to perform at their highest level​.

How to Interview for the Perfect Fit: An employee who is a good cultural fit functions well in an existing workplace environment. In this course, participants learn to ask the right interview questions to improve their chances of hiring the perfect fit.​

Email and Written Communication: The better a person's writing skills, the better the impression they make on the people around them – including their boss, colleagues and clients. This course reviews the basics of email and written communication and offers insight on how to improve writing for a better workplace impression.

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills: Public speaking requires the ability to develop and present ideas in a persuasive and organized manner. This learning activity reviews the tools, tips and techniques that best enhance and improve future presentations!​!

Tier 3 

Library.png   Management Resource Library

In Tier 3, managers develop their personal learning libraries on a number of relevant topics to assist them in in their professional development. Included in the Management Resource Library are e-books, scholarly articles and videos with relevant leadership an​​d management content. Click on the Management Resource Library icon above to access the library.​

For more information or questions about manager training, contact us at or713-221-5332.


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