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PS-03.B.07 - Graduate Academic Probation, Suspension, And Dismissal

EFFECTIVE DATE: April 11, 2017

ISSUE #: 1

PRESIDENT:  Michael A. Olivas (Interim)


This policy statement establishes the University of Houston-Downtown's (UHD) probation and suspension policy for graduate students. 


2.1 Term: For purposes of this policy, “term” will reference the academic coursework taken during fall, spring, or combined summer terms. This excludes winter and May sessions. 

2.2 Consecutive term: Any term of enrollment after a student has been placed on academic probation. 

2.3 Policy: The description of what is to occur under the policy. 

2.4 UHD graduate cumulative GPA is the GPA calculated for all UHD graduate program coursework as defined in the UHD Grading System policy (PS 03.B.04)​​. 

2.5 Academic probation is a warning to the student that his/her UHD cumulative graduate cumulative GPA is unsatisfactory: the student is not making satisfactory progress towards meeting graduation requirements and may be placed on suspension if his/her academic record does not improve. 

2.6 Academic suspension is a status that prevents a student from reenrolling until a successful appeal for readmission. 

2.7 Academic dismissal is the complete termination of student enrollment in a graduate program. 

2.8 Cumulative graduate program GPA is the GPA calculated for all UHD coursework applied to a graduate program. 


3.1 Academic Probation of Graduate Students Enrolled in a Degree Granting Program. 

3.1.1 Graduate students will be placed on initial academic probation at the end of any term in which their cumulative graduate program GPA for graduate coursework falls below 3.0. 

3.1.2 All Graduates placed on academic probation must consult with an advisor before term registration to discuss their plans, academic progress, and GPA repair. 

3.1.3 Notification of probationary status is the responsibility of the graduate program director. 

3.1.4 The cumulative GPA for graduate academic probation including repeated courses, is computed according to PS 03.B.04 and to individual program guidelines. Students should refer to individual program handbooks for additional information. 

3.1.5 Graduate students remain on probation until their cumulative graduate program GPA is raised to 3.0 or higher. Probationary students may remain in the program if they make satisfactory academic progress as defined by the applicable individual program handbook. 

3.1.6 A graduate student who receives grades of I (Incomplete) while on probation will remain on probation until all grades of I are resolved. 

3.1.7 A graduate student on academic probation who does enroll in a period specified in the applicable individual program handbook must apply for readmission and, if admitted, the graduate student will retain his/her original academic probation status. Only courses taken at UHD may be counted in removing a student from academic probation. 

3.1.8 Academic probation will be noted on the student’s official graduate transcript. 

3.2 Suspension of Graduate Students Enrolled in a Degree Granting Program. 

3.2.1 A graduate student who is on academic probation and is not making significant academic progress, as defined by the applicable individual program handbook will be placed on suspension. 

3.2.2 A graduate student who is suspended may apply for reinstatement after one year of non-enrollment. Reinstatement is not automatic, but rather is governed by the applicable individual program handbook. If a student is reinstated in the program, he/she will return with the same academic probation status that resulted in the original suspension and be subject to the same rules for maintaining a GPA. 

3.3 Dismissal of Graduate Students who are enrolled in a Degree Granting Program. 

3.3.1 A Graduate student who receives grades of “C” in 9 or more graduate semester credit hours is subject to dismissal. Specific programs may have more stringent requirements. Refer to applicable individual program handbooks for these requirements. In addition, a grade of “D” or “F” in a graduate course is grounds for dismissal from the program (PS 03.B.04). Notification of student dismissal is the responsibility of the graduate program director. 

3.3.2 Graduate students who are dismissed may not take graduate courses at UHD. Any appeals regarding graduate probation, suspension, or dismissal are made to the appropriate program director. Final appeals of the program director’s decision are reviewed by the Academic Dean or Dean’s designated representative. Students who appeal must provide clear, compelling case demonstrating their potential for academic success. 

3.4 Academic Probation and Dismissal of Graduate Students Enrolled in a Certificate Program. 

3.4.1 The rules governing probation and dismissal of graduate students who are enrolled in a certificate program are developed by the respective certificate programs. These standards must be published in the relevant certificate program’s handbook. 


There are no exhibits associated with this policy statement.


Responsible Party (Reviewer): Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost

Review: Every five years, or as necessary 

Signed original on file in Employment Services and Operations 


Issue #1: 4/11/17 


PS 03.B.04 Grading System for Graduate-Level Courses 

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