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Time Reporting and Absence Management (TRAM)

​The TRAM (Time Reporting and Absence Management) system is an automated PeopleSoft application for capturing and processing time worked and paid or unpaid leaves. TRAM is comprised of two functions: Time Reporting, which is the automated time reporting and on-line timesheet, and Absence Management, the on-line Leave Request Form. The benefits of TRAM include:

  • Decreases paper flow
  • Elimination of paper timesheets
  • Elimination of manual keying of time worked and leave taken. (TRAM reporting feeds hours worked and leave reported directly to an online timesheet that updates the pay system once approved.)
  • Decreased chances of time-reporting errors
  • Online validation of reported hours worked and reported leave 24 hours a day.
  • Online history of leave requests and time worked available to employees and managers

Non-exempt employees, including regular benefits-eligible staff, student employees and temporary staff paid hourly through payroll must record hours worked by clocking in and out via a Web clock in P.A.S.S. or a biometric time collection device (TCD) to which they are assigned by the Payroll Department. All benefits eligible employees must request leave through the completion on an online electronic leave request form. Since the time reporting process is automated, employees have the ability to view their timesheets in P.A.S.S.  but may not make changes to them. The Absence Management process allows employees to request leave up to ninety (90) days in advance.​

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