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Direct Deposit Procedures

​All UHD employees are required to participate in the direct deposit program.  

  • New employees may sign up for direct deposit or a pay card administered by Bank of America during the initial new hire orientation process. Employees may sign up for direct deposit by logging on to P.A.S.S. or completing a Direct Deposit Authorization form​ and submitting it to the ESO Payroll Department.

  • Employees who are unable to enter their direct deposit information in P.A.S.S. may seek assistance from the ESO Payroll Department.​

  • Employees may print their earning statements from P.A.S.S.

  • It is important that electronic Personnel Action Requests (ePARs) be processed expediently when an employee has terminated employment with UHD to ensure timely termination of their direct deposit.

  • Employees may request that funds be directly deposited to more than one bank account as designated in P.A.S.S. Employees enrolled in the pay card program do not have the option of depositing funds into multiple pay cards. All financial information should be verified by the employee to ensure that funds are deposited into the employee's account(s) accurately and timely.

  • If bank account information changes, employees are responsible for updating the information in P.A.S.S. in a timely manner and should contact the ESO Payroll Department with questions.

  • When an employee uses P.A.S.S. to make a direct deposit change, the employee will be asked to provide the routing and account number for the balance or primary account. For most users this is the only account.  If there are multiple accounts, the balance account does not have a designated dollar amount going into it.​

  • If an employee does not know the account information, it may be obtained by calling the financial institution or going to ESO for assistance. When seeking assistance, proper identification is required because direct deposit information is confidential.

For additional information, please refer to  SAM 02.F.07, Direct Deposit of Salaries, the P.​A.S.S. Staff Handbook and/or Handbook for Faculty​.

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