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Alternative Work Arrangements. Effective: May 5, 2022. Female working from home.
The University of Houston-Downtown endeavors to foster a work environment that maximizes productivity and flexibility for supervisors and staff. To promote general work and campus space efficiencies, the University may permit or direct employees to follow alternative work arrangements for all or part of the workweek.

At the discretion of the University, employees may be allowed short- or long-term alternative work arrangements, provided they continue to serve their customers effectively and efficiently and meet established institutional and departmental goals. Alternative work arrangements may include flexibility associated with work locations, modalities and/or schedules, as outlined below.​

  1. Hybrid Work (Working at an alternate work location for up to two days per week)

  2. Remote Work (100% remote work)

  3. Alternate Work Schedules (e.g., 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

  4. Compressed Workweek (e.g., 4 10-hour days per week)

  5. Occasional Alternate Work Arrangements (Working at an alternate work location occasionally)​


Requests for alternate work schedules, compressed workweeks, or occasional alternate work locations (#3-#5 above) do not require completion of this process. Requests may be presented directly to supervisor.


  1. Employed at UHD for at least 90 days. This 90-day requirement also applies to staff transferring to a different department.  Approval for earlier participation may be granted by the employee’s respective vice president.

  2. Not on disciplinary action or Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) within the past six months.​

  3. Overall score of meets or exceeds expectations in the most recent annual performance evaluation process.​


  1. Determine if your position is eligible for alternative work arrangements by accessing the Alternative Work Options​​​ list.

  2. Complete the Alternative Work Agreement​.

  3. Complete remote work training available in the Training Access Portal (TAP) (detailed instructions below) and selecting course #AW2201. (After you complete this training, save the email confirmation as your proof of completion.)

  4. Complete a minimum of three (3) hours of LinkedIn Learning courses that focus on maintaining productivity while working remotely. The required training may be accessed in LinkedIn Learning (detailed instructions below) by selecting Working Remotely (Non-Managers)​. (After you complete this training, please print the certificate of completion.)

  5. Attach verification of completion of required training and learning activities, and forward to supervisor for approval.

  6. If your request is approved, you may begin working at your alternate work location as agreed and for the period indicated.​
     7. Send cop​y of packet to

Supervisors having direct reports on an alternative work arrangement are also required to complete supervisor remote work training available in the Training Access Portal​ (TAP) (detailed instructions below) and selecting course #AW2202, and a minimum of three (3) hours of learning activities that focus on effectively managing remote employees. The required training may be accessed in LinkedIn Learning (detailed instructions below) by selecting Working Remotely (Managers)​.


  • To access TAP, log in using your UHD network credentials:

    TAP Login Site:   Training Access Portal (T.A.P.)
    User ID:                UHD username
    Password:            UHD network/email password
  • To access LinkedIn Learning,
    1. Navigate to LinkedIn Learning.

    2. Click Sign in.

    3. Enter your username followed by

    4. If you have NOT linked your LinkedIn Personal Account to LinkedIn Learning then you will be directed to sign in with your SSO credentials. If you HAVE linked your LinkedIn Personal Account to LinkedIn Learning please skip to step 6.

    5. Log in with your standard username and password

    6. If you have linked your LinkedIn Personal account to LinkedIn Learning you will prompted to enter your LinkedIn password - enter that password

    7. After logging into LinkedIn you will then be prompted to log in using the SSO

    8. Log in with your standard username and password​

Additional details may be obtained by accessing UHD’s Alternative Work Arrangements Policy​​​.


Last updated 6/23/2022 8:55 AM