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​​Texas Income Protection Plan (TIPP)

Short-term disability insurance, administered by ReedGroup, provides protection from loss of income after a waiting period of 30 consecutive days due to a disability resulting from an accident or illness. It pays pays a monthly payment equal to 66% of your gross monthly salary (up to $10,000 of salary or $6,600 in benefits) for up to five months.

Long-term disability insurance provides protection from loss of income during extended absences due to a total disability resulting from an accident or illness. A waiting period of 180 consecutive days must occur before disability benefits become payable. Long-term disability payments are equal to 60% of your gross monthly salary (up to $10,000 of salary or $6,000 in benefits). For the first 24 months, benefits are based on a disability from a specific job. After 24 months, they are based on approval of Social Security and a disability from any job.

If you have both short-term and long-term disability coverage and become disabled, benefits pay out at 70%. To receive a monthly benefit from either the short-term or long-term disability plan, you must meet the definition of total disability. Benefits are reduced by income received from other sources, such as Social Security, workers' compensation or disability retirement plan benefits. Benefits only pay out when all accumulated University Paid Sick Leave is exhausted.

Pre-existing condition exclusions apply to both short-term and long-term disability. Visit ReedGroup for more information.​

Short-Term Disability$0.30/$100.00 of monthly salary
Long-Term Disability
$0.63/$100.00 of monthly salary

     Texas Income Protection Plan
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Last updated 11/12/2020 1:25 AM