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Priscilla Oehlert

Priscilla Oehlert
Director, Insurance and Risk Management Center
Marilyn Davies College of Business
Shea Building - B488
Telephone: 713-226-5552


Scope of Responsibilities

At UHD, Ms. Oehlert promotes the IRM program to the insurance industry, community colleges and other potential student groups and provides direction and management of the marketing of the IRM program. She works with employers and IRM majors to find internships and/or full-time employment for students and attends insurance industry events with students to provide them with networking opportunities to meet potential employers and build relationships in the industry. Ms. Oehlert works closely with IRM Council members to receive guidance and solicit resources. She also provides oversight of the IRM adjunct faculty.

Educational Qualifications

Ms. Oehlert earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Carolina and Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University. 

Professional Experience

Priscilla Oehlert has more than 20 years of industry experience in risk management and insurance. The majority of her experience was gained as the Director of Risk, Safety and Environmental for Rental Service Corporation. In addition, her experience includes strategic planning and development of online and classroom risk management curriculum, faculty, operations and business development of the five courses composing the nationally recognized Certified Risk Management (CRM) designation.

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