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Mary Cook, MBA
Director, Risk Management and Compliance
Risk Management and Compliance
One Main Street, Suite 621S
Telephone: (713) 222-5340

Scope of Responsibilities

At UHD, Ms. Cook is responsible for facilitating compliance, mitigating risks, advising University personnel and resolving more complex issues encountered in Risk Management, Compliance, Contract Administration and Environmental Health and Safety.

Educational Qualifications

Ms. Cook earned her Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from the University of Wisconsin and Bachelor of Science in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences from the University of Iowa. Her certifications include: Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional.​

Professional Experience

Mary Cook has served as a Compliance Officer (23 years), where she implemented an effective compliance program. Her experience also includes work in Contract Administration (10 years); Environmental Health and Safety (six years) and Risk Management (six years). 


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