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​Campus Update

​Jan. 10, 2022​

Per President Loren Blanchard's Jan. 10 message to students, UHD will conduct a soft opening during the first few weeks of the semester to minimize the challenges posed by the Omicron variant. Below are the current guidelines. The Emergency Management team and leadership are monitoring COVID-19 locally and across the state. Further changes may be forthcoming depending on COVID-19 developments; in the meantime, students should work with instructors to ensure a smooth start to the semester.

  • On-Campus Courses: The University will conduct a soft opening for classes from Tuesday, Jan. 18, through Sunday, Feb. 6, to reduce campus density. Classes are expected to resume the regular Spring schedule on Monday, Feb. 7, 2022. 
    • ​A soft opening means face-to-face classes that are scheduled to meet two days a week can meet in person once a week during the soft opening, and can meet virtually the other day. If you have a class with a meeting day, time and location, how you connect with your class and do your classwork may change from Jan. 18 to Feb. 6. Your instructors are reviewing their plans for this period and will email you via Gatormail and/or Blackboard if adjustments are made.
    • Each instructor of face-to-face classes may offer a different plan based on specific class needs and size. Students will attend in-class meetings as required by instructors. Be prepared for instructors to encourage students to have video cameras on during online class meetings to better engage the class in support of student success. 
    • Students uncomfortable attending in-person classes should seek options in online courses or work with your academic advisor to seek alternative class options at UHD that align with your degree plan. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Registrar's Office.  
  • Online Courses: For fully online courses (with meeting times or without meeting times, location will show “TBD” for both), classes will not change, and students should be prepared to start as planned next week.​ 
  • Instructor Communications: Check Gatormail for daily updates from instructors regarding any new plans for courses. All instructors should contact students through Gatormail by Thursday, Jan. 13, at 5 p.m. to explain the plan for their classes. Students should email any instructors who have not reached out by Thursday at 5 p.m. Some instructors may also offer additional information in Blackboard — check regularly, though messages may not be posted until the afternoon of Sunday, Jan. 16.  
  • Technology Needs: Students who need technology resources can apply for assistance by completing the Student Technology Needs Application. Also, campus computer labs and study spaces will be open and available during this three-week, soft-start period. Refer to the resources below under Learning Remotely for more information.
  • COVID Diagnosis/Exposure Concerns: Students with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis who are unable to participate in classes should contact the Office of Disability Services as soon as possible to determine what short-term accommodations might be available. It is important that you contact the staff in the Office of Disability Services when a diagnosis or exposure happens as they cannot offer retroactive accommodations at a later date. Refer to the Exposure, Symptoms, Diagnosis webpage for more guidance on reporting COVID-19 exposure or diagnosis.
  • On-Campus Operations: The campus remains open with all student-facing offices, such as Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Affairs and Advising, continuing both in-person and virtual availability. Links and instructions for making virtual appointments are available on each department’s webpage. 
  • Face Coverings: Masks are strongly encouraged while on campus, particularly indoors. Free, individually packaged, disposable masks are available throughout campus for the University Community and visitors.
  • Vaccinations: Now is a good time to obtain vaccinations/boosters. Please visit the Vaccines and Testing webpage for information about on-campus testing and vaccine availability.
  • Guidelines for Quarantine or Isolation: The CDC has updated guidelines on quarantine and isolation. The Office of Emergency Management continues to monitor all updates and share new information on the COVID-19 website. Please read the CDC guidance and refer to the UHD Exposure, Symptoms, Diagnosis webpage for instructions on reporting COVID-19 exposure or diagnosis.

Clas​s Attendance​

The University has transitioned back to in-person instruction in fall 2021 but still offers a complement of online and hybrid classes. Talk to your advisor to determine which modalities are being offered for your courses in spring and summer 2022.​​

​Learning Remotely

The University provides technology resources for students who are participating in remote or hybrid classes, as well as those who may be remoting into class while quarantining. Visit the links below for more information​:

​​Student FAQs

How do I know what I need to report?

Emergency Management prepared a decision tree to help guide you through the reporting process. Also refer to the COVID-19 Exposure, ​Symptoms, Diagnosis webpage for more information. If you need assistance, email

If I have symptoms or test positive, what should I do?

  1. If you are on campus, go home immediately and avoid close contact with anyone. 
  2. Send an email to explaining your situation.
  3. Refer to the Exposure, ​Symptoms, Diagnosis page of the UHD website and follow the guidance there.

​How can I make sure I do not fall behind in my classes while I am self-quarantined?

  1. ​​As soon as possible after your quarantine begins, contact your instructor(s) and ask for options for carrying out your schoolwork remotely. 
  2. If you need help managing your schoolwork remotely, submit a request through the Office of Disability Services for short-term COVID accommodations. This will help you and your faculty member(s) determine the best approach for your participation in class.

Do I have to go to class following self-quarantine?

Yes, after completing your quarantine, submit a Request to Return to Campus Form. After you receive an official release from UHD Emergency Management, rejoin your classes during the scheduled meeting times and days unless you have secured alternative options through the Office of Disability Services.

If you are feeling ill or have a respiratory illness of any kind, with fever and cough, stay home to prevent spreading it to others. If you are unable to attend class due to illness, contact your instructor immediately via email and/or phone. Please refer to the course syllabus for your instructor's contact information.

​​I am an international student on an F-1 visa. If my classes are online, will it affect my F-1 status?

The U. S. Department of Homeland Security allows F-1 visa students to remain in the U.S. with a fully online course delivery. UHD is committed to helping international students maintain compliance and will continue to update students as new information becomes available. Please contact the Office of International Admissions if you need additional information at

Does the University require students who traveled internationally to self-quarantine?

Students returning from international travel should follow the UHD COVID-19 Travel Guidelines and CDC guidance.​​

​​What is the status of learning abroad activities?

​Students should contact their learning abroad ​Advisor or the Office of Study Abroad at 713-221-8250 or email​ for current status. ​Be aware that future learning abroad opportunities are subject to change based on conditions both in the U.S. and abroad.​​


​​Update Your Contact Information

To keep apprised of the most current COVID-related information, ensure your emergency contact information is up-to-date using the instructions provided by Emergency Management.

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