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Social Distancing FAQ About COVID-19

​​​Social Distancing FAQs

Social Distancing guidelines have been implemented for your safety and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Guidelines may vary in differen​t public places outside of the University of Houston-Downtown. Please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for commonly suggested social distancing practices.

What steps have been made to promote social distancing in public areas of campus?

Classrooms and designated public spaces include signage to promote social distancing. Areas such as the Welcome Center information desk and public facing areas of the W.I. Dykes Library are equipped with Plexiglas shields. In some cases, furniture has been moved or marked to better facilitate social distancing. We encourage everyone to follow the signage and refrain from moving furniture or social distancing signage from furniture.

How will we keep a safe space in an elevator?

Per UHD guidelines, only 4 persons are allowed in an elevator, which are appropriately marked for social distancing. Follow the guidance printed on signage in elevators to further protect yourself.

What about keeping a safe distance in stairwells?

Stairwells have been appropriately marked for students and employees to maintain the appropriate distance. Some narrower stairwells have been designated as up/down to keep traffic to a minimum. We urge everyone to be courteous.

What social distancing measures have been taken in the classrooms?

Measures such as marking chairs and removing unnecessary furniture have been put in place in classrooms. Disinfecting wipes are also in every classroom and hand-sanitizing stations are located throughout campus.

How can I safely study with others?

We encourage you to use digital technologies such as your phone or Zoom. Also, find creative ways to work in person: find an open space, such as an outdoor space or large room with good ventilation.

Can I meet in-person with my instructor?

Instructor/student meetings outside of class are most safely conducted through online office hours or scheduled appointments. Please check with your instructor about times and options.

Will I be able to eat or drink on campus?

Please do not eat or drink while walking across campus. You are encouraged to eat and drink in the UHD Food Court where tables are distanced six feet apart or in separate spaces, buildings or offices that meet social distancing guidelines. If eating with friends or classmates, please maintain social distancing guidelines.

Will water fountains be available for use?

Water bottle refill stations are available at various locations across campus. However, standard drinking fountains are turned off. You should bring water to campus or make a purchase from the UHD Food Court or vending machines.

What social distancing measures are being taken in restrooms?

Stalls are enclosed with partitions and urinals are being marked for appropriate social distancing. Doors allow foot-activation to open and close.

What social distancing protocols are in place for Parking Shuttle Buses?

Every other seat has been blocked from use and hand sanitizer is provided at the entrance. In addition, enhanced cleaning protocols have been implemented.​​

Last updated 7/7/2021 3:16 AM