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First Steps: COVID-19 Exposure on Campus

​Immediate Steps for Reporting Employee/Student Infection on Campus

If a student or employee reports COVID exposure or infection to you while on campus, immediately take the steps outlined below. Faculty may also refer to the Teaching Situations section of the Report Exposure, Symptoms and Diagnosis web page. 

  1. Advise the person to submit a Diagnosis Form as soon as possible.
  2. Immediately send the person home.
  3. All persons in the office/classroom should immediately go home, quarantine and submit an Exposure Form as soon as possible.
  4. If able, close/lock classroom/office that needs cleaning.
  5. Exposed supervisor/faculty should go home, quarantine, submit an Exposure Form and notify their supervisor as soon as possible.
  6. Submit an Emergency Cleaning Request Form to clean/disinfect the area as soon as possible.
  7. Monitor for COVID-19 signs and symptoms.
  8. Contact COVID-19 Coordinator at​ with questions or concerns.

​​​UHD manages on-campus cases and has its own contact tracers to handle such cases. Anyone diagnosed with COVID shall not return to any UHD or UHS campus until they have submitted a Request to Return to Campus form and have received confirmation that they are allowed to return to campus. UHD officials also work with local health departments to ensure that any non-campus-community individuals who were potentially exposed to the COVID-positive individual are contacted and directed to quarantine when warranted. 

For a printable version, download the COVID-19 Exposure Steps flyer.


Last updated 12/15/2021 4:23 AM