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COVID Campus Safety Practices & Protocols

COVID Campus Safety Practices & Protocols​

The University of Houston-Downtown has implemented numerous, enhanced cleaning and safety practices to lower the risk of COVID-19 exposure and its spread. With expert health and safety advice based on CDC guidelines and protocols, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of the UHD Community.​

Face Coverings
Face coverings are required on campus in indoor public areas at all times (with limited exceptions) and outdoors when social distancing is not possible.

Social Distancing
Classrooms, dining and common areas have been reconfigured to allow social distancing. Designated signage is throughout campus and at all elevators as reminders to maintain 6 feet of distance. Per UHD guidelines, only 4 persons are allowed in an elevator, which are appropriately marked for social distancing. Stairwells are open and users should allow proper space when passing someone. One Main Building— North stairs are designated for up; South stairs are designated for down. In the event of an emergency or fire alarm, disregard directional designation and exit the building immediately. A range of academic options are available to provide for multi-modality of instruction.

Common Areas
Classrooms and designated public spaces, as needed, include signage to promote social distancing. Designated areas such as the Welcome Center information desk, W.I. Dykes Library and the UHD Food Court are equipped with Plexiglas shields. Dining staff adhere to daily wellness checks, use gloves and wash hands every 30 minutes.​​

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer dispensers are available at all entrances, elevator lobbies and other key areas in all campus buildings. Sanitizing wipes and/or disinfectant spray are in classrooms and departments for use on hard surfaces.

Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitation​

Enhanced cleaning protocols using a disinfectant approved by the EPA and CDC that is effective in killing the virus for frequent cleaning of instructional spaces and high-touch points and shuttle buses. Disinfecting wipes are available in every classroom and hand-sanitizing stations are located throughout campus. Campus face coverings and cleaning products are readily available at entrances, classrooms and labs.

Student & Employee Cleaning Responsibilities​

Students and employees should keep personal items, work and living spaces clean. The use of shared objects (lab equipment, computer equipment) is discouraged and should be limited and cleaned between each use. Individuals should wash their hands before and after using shared objects.


Air filters throughout campus have been replaced, and coils have been cleaned with the EPA/CDC-approved disinfectant. HVAC air handlers will assist in purging air from each building at least four hours before the class and workday begin. UHD also routinely uses a fogging machine with EPA/CDC approved disinfectant.

Contact Tracing Program 

Before coming to campus students, faculty, staff, visitors and vendors are required to perform daily self-health assessments. Contact tracing is available to identify exposed UHD community members.

Restroom Enhancements

Various campus restroom locations have touchless faucets, touchless soap dispensers, touchless paper towel dispensers and foot pull door openers.

Campus Signage

Signage is implemented throughout campus, including 6-foot floor and social distancing markers as well as designated entrances

Water Systems

Water bottle refill stations are available at various locations across campus. However, standard drinking fountains are unavailable. You are encouraged to bring water to campus or purchase from the UHD Food Court or vending machines.

Shared Responsibility

UHD is committed to students, faculty, staff and visitors, but it requires everyone to stop the spread of COVID-19.​

For more details, visit UHD’s COVID-19 FAQ webpage.

Last updated 4/12/2021 7:08 AM