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Emergency Management Training Videos

​​​​The Department of Emergency Management offers a variety of videos to inform students, staff and faculty of methods to be prepared for, respond to and recover from a critical event.​​

Active Shooter/Hostile Intruder
 Active Shooter Video produced by The Boston Consortium of Higher Education 

English   Spanish   Vietnamese   Chinese    French

Shots Fired – Guidance for Surviving An Active Shooter Situation (Student Edition Captioned)
 Shots Fired – Guidance for Surviving An Active Shooter Situation (Staff and Faculty Captioned)
​Bomb Threat
What You Can Do When There Is a Bomb Threat
Domestic ViolenceSilent Storms – Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking (Captioned)
Workplace ViolenceFlashpoint – Recognizing and Preventing Violence in the Workplace (Captioned)
Travel Safe Passage Travel Companion (Captioned)
Disaster PreparednessAre You Ready?    Videos
English   Spanish   American Sign   Vietnamese   Chinese 
 Are You Ready?    Brochures
Arabic   French   German   Korean   Tagalog   Urdu

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