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Quick Reference Defining Contracts

Documents Used in the Contracting Process

Requisition and Contract Related Forms

Contract Cover Sheet

Summary sheet required for each contract. This document is for internal UHD use only and should not be forwarded to the vendor.

Contract ChecklistVerification that all listed areas have been addressed. (if applicable)
Contract Justification FormJustification for not utilizing an approved contract form from the UHD website or Standard Contract Addendum, if using a vendor contract.
Contract Responsibility FormTransfer of person responsible for ensuring the contract terms.
Purchase Requisition
(Create online through PeopleSoft)
Initiates the procurement process, documents the approval of expenditure by the appropriate authority. Required for all:
  • State contract items and
  • Purchases in excess of $5,000
[Note: Purchasing will only process purchase requisitions prior to the start of the contract.]
Proprietary/Sole Source Justification Documents the reason(s) for selecting a specific vendor without going through the required competitive bidding process.
Information Sheet for Purchase Requisition Exceeding $100,000 (UHD Addendum C): Documents and provides appropriate signature authority for purchases over $100,000 per fiscal year.

Certificate of Interested Parties

For contracts valued at $1 million or more (revenue or expense), or otherwise requires Board of Regents approval.

The following is a flowchart related to the form:

Recommendation for Award (UH Addendum C):

An internal form used to summarize the basis of the best value in selecting a particular contractor (Only used for leasing agreements processed through ORES).
Justification for Emergency Acquisition: Documents the financial or operating damages to the University if standard procedures were followed to acquire goods or services needed to address an emergency.
Justification for Untimely Contract Submittal:
(Note: This is a PDF form)
Documents the reason(s) a contract was not submitted for review and approval a minimum of 10 days prior to the initiation of the contract.

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General Use Contracts (Approved by UHS Office of General Counsel)

Contracts on this website have been approved by the UHS Office of General Counsel (OGC) and can be filled out and fully executed without further OGC review.

Attachments to the contracts on this web site can detail the scope of work, price and time period; however, the addition or deletion of any terms and conditions will require OGC review and approval of the entire contract package.

Standard Purchasing Agreement (OGC S-2010-6) A general purchasing expense contract used to obtain most goods and services. The compensation section (paragraph 3) allows one of three payment options:
  • A one-time fixed-price contract, or
  • A one-time non-fixed price based upon a calculation (e.g. and hourly fee), or
  • A non-fixed price contract performed on a service order basis using the Standard Purchasing Agreement as a Master agreement and a "Service-Order for Standard Purchasing Agreement " on an as-needed basis.
Service-Order for Standard Purchasing Agreement​
Used only with a fully executed Standard Purchasing Agreement when the contractor will perform work on an as-needed basis.
Performer Agreement
Used to obtain services of a performer for a specific event (for example musicians, singers, clowns, magicians, etc.)Used for musicians, singers, clowns, magicians, etc.)

Speaker Agreement (OGC-S-2002-3)

Used to contract with vendor/contractor for speaking engagements and related services.
Contract for Professional Services (OGC-S-99-23)
Used for licensed or certified services, which include accounting, architecture, land surveying, medicine, optometry, professional engineering, real estate, or nursing. (This contract is used primarily by Facilities Management.) "Professional Services" are those services directly related to professional practices such as accounting, architecture, landscape architecture, land surveying, medicine, optometry, professional engineering, real estate appraising, or nursing. Management services provided by accounting firms are not considered professional services by UH System policy.
Facility License Agreement
Used to contract with vendor/contractor who wants to lease a UHD facility.
Furnishings and Equipment Agreement
Used to purchase and install furniture or equipment.
Services Agreement
Revenue contract used by University to provide services to and receive payment from another party

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Special Use Contracts (Approved by UHS Office of General Counsel)

Facilities Management
[Note: Contact Contract Administration]
Used for building repairs and services.
Facilities Management
[Note: Contact Contract Administration]
Used for construction and rehabilitation.
O'Kane Gallery
O'Kane Gallery Loan Agreement
Used to govern requirements for loaned artwork to be displayed in the O'Kane Gallery.
Urban Education
CPDT Affiliation Agreement
Used to provide UHD students with teaching experience in local independent school districts for the pre-service teaching programs.
Sponsored Programs
Sponsored Project Contractual Agreement
Used for the contracting with individuals or organizations paid from a grant received by UHD. Call 713-221-8681 for review and availability of funds.
Sponsored Programs
Sponsored Research Agreement
Used to agree to perform specific research activities and adhere to guidelines pertaining to a grant received by UHD from a sponsoring (funding) agency or organization. Call 713-221-8681 for review and availability of funds.
Academic Departments
Memorandum of Understanding
Used to establish an academic program between UHD and an international institution.

UHD Nursing Affiliation Agreement


Used to create a clinical internship program for UHD nursing students with an outside entity.

UHD Work-Study Agreement


Used to create a work-study program with an outside entity.

UHD Internship Affiliation Agreement


Used to create an internship program for the UHD Center for Community Engagement & Service Learning students with an outside entity.

UHD Standard Affiliation Agreement


Used to create an internship program with an outside entity.

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Supplemental Agreements (Approved by UHS Office of General Counsel)

These are not stand-alone contracting documents. They should be attached to contracts that have been fully executed or contracts that require full execution.

Service-Order for Standard Purchasing Agreement
Used with a fully executed Standard Purchasing Agreement when the contractor will perform work on an as-needed basis. A separate "Service Order" must be signed for each project performed by the contractor.
 Standard Addendum (OGC-S-2009-01) Used to attach to vendor contracts that are under $50,000.  If the vendor agrees to sign this Standard Addendum along with their contract, then the contract may be processed as if the contract was a University standard contract. With OGC review, can be used with contracts that are $50,000 or above. For additional information, visit the Use the Standard Contract Addendum Effectively website.
Standard Amendment
Used to amend an existing agreement.
[Note: Expired contracts cannot be amended.]
Contract Change Order
Documents and obtains the appropriate signature authority for specific construction-related changes to an existing Facilities Management contract.
Information Security Hosted Services Contract Checklist​​
Used by departments with contracts related to hosted services.

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Supporting Contract Clauses (Approved by UHS Office of General Counsel)

Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause
Certifies Chapter 2260 of the Government Code will be used to resolve disputes related to the contract.
Child Support Certification
Certifies the contractor is not in arrears in paying child support, or the contractor is in compliance with a written repayment agreement regarding any written debt.
Foreign National Information Addendum
Addendum used for contract services being performed by a foreign national.

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Release and Indemnification Agreements (Approved by UHS Office of General Counsel)

Releases the University, its governing board, officers, employees and representatives from any and all liability for the injury, death or damage to property that occurs while participating in a University activity or trip. Also allows emergency medical treatment without cost to the University for the participant as a result of illness during the activity or trip.

Release and Indemnification Agreement
Have participant or guardian of the participant (if less than 18 years of age) sign this form prior to participating in a UHD sponsored activity or trip on or off-campus

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