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Employee Compliance and Ethics Guide

Why Do We Sign an Acknowledgement Form? (video)

Employee Compliance and Ethics Guide - Index​

Introduction (PDF)

  • Purpose​​

  • Compliance Program

Environmental Health and Safety (PDF)

  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Protection of the Environment
  • Drug-Free and Weapon-Free Workplace

Ethics (PDF)

  • Ethics Policy
  • The University of Houston System Ethics Policy

​​Contracts and Agreements ​(PDF)

Contacts with the News Media (PDF)

  • When a Reporter Calls
  • When You See a News Reporter or Photographer on Campus
  • News Release Distribution
  • When a Reporter Calls About You Area of Expertise
  • Before an Interview
  • General Tips for Media Interviews

Use of UHD and State of Texas Resources (PDF)

  • Use of State Owned Property
  • Computer Software
  • Information Security and Confidentiality
  • Computer System Access and Passwords
  • Purchasing

Contacts with Government Agencies and Outside Investigators (PDF)

  •  Subpoenas

Copyright and Intellectual Property (PDF)

  • Use of Copyright Material
  • Intellectual Property


Information and Records​ (PDF)

  • Information
  • Accuracy of Records
  • Retention and Disposal of Records

Political Activity and Contributions (PDF)

  • Political Activities
  • Political Contributions

Workplace Conduct and Employment Requirements (PDF)

  • Fraud
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Harassment in the Workplace
  • Overtime Compensation
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Outside Employment
  • Financial Interest

Gifts, Gratuities, Estates and Honoraria (PDF)

  • ​Gifts to UHD
  • Gifts Made to Influence Decisions
  • Gifts from Persons Doing Business with UHD and/or UHD System
  • Honoraria

Research (PDF)



​The information contained in this guide and related links, is not a substitute for professional legal counsel. Any discrepancy between information in this guide and University of Houston System and University of Houston-Downtown policies is not intended to alter or amend official University of Houston System and University of Houston-Downtown policies.  Inclusion of any link or reference to any entity, public or private, is not intended to be a warranty or endorsement of the completeness or quality of information contained therein, or of any sponsor of such information.

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