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Property Management Forms

UHD PRP-1A Transfer Property Move Request To be used when transferring assets to locations within the department or to another department.  Fill out the transfer form online.
UHD PRP-2 Request to Remove Capital Property Off Campus To be used when faculty or staff removes an asset to use off campus.
UHD PRP-2A Request to Remove Multi User Multi Items To be used when multiple assets are used off campus by multiple users.
UHD PRP-2B Request to Remove Multi User Single ItemTo be used when one asset is used off campus by multiple users.
UHD PRP-6A Custodian DesignationAnnual property custodian designation for a department.
UHD PRP-6B Change of Custodian To be used when the property custodian for a department has changed. NOTE: This will also require an inventory to be performed.
UHD PRO-9 Inventory ConfirmationAnnual inventory confirmation to be used as signoff that inventory is complete.
UHD PRP-10 Inventory Verification Annual Inventory verification worksheet
UHD PRP- 18 Loss Incident Detail To be used for assets that have been lost, and all avenues have been exhausted to find. Provost and Vice President for Administration and Finance must sign.
UHD PRP Cannibalization To be used when cannibalizing or dismantling an asset.

Last updated 10/21/2020 6:29 AM