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Budget FAQ's

BOB Report​​

A BOB report training video demonstrating how to run and understand parts of the BOB report is available for departments to use as a reference. In order to view the BOB report video please enroll through Business Affairs.

What is t​he BOB Report?

The BOB Report is a report in the HR System that is used for monthly reconciliation purposes. Departments should run and reconcile their report(s) against the respective 1074.

The BOB Report lists the following information by department:

  • Cost Center(s)
  • Employee name and identification number
  • Position title(s) and number(s)
  • Allocated Budget (Base & Revised)
  • Monthly and Year to date expenditures
  • Compensation Rate(s) (Monthly & Hourly)
  • Encumbrance(s) per position
  • Full-time Equivalent (FTE) information (Representing percentage of effort)
  • Budget Balance Available

When can I run​ the BOB Report?

You will receive an email from the Budget Office advising you to run your BOB report(s). Normally it is a few days after finance month end close.

What do I ​need to do with the BOB Report?

After printing your report you should:

  • Make sure staff and/or faculty are in correct cost center and position number

  • Make sure the budget is correct (check hourly & monthly rates)

  • Make sure your cost center(s) is not negative

  • Check you BOB Report against the 1074 to ensure that salary and wage totals match

Wha​​t do I need to do if a position in my cost center(s) is negative?

You are responsible for clearing any negative positions on your BOB. You should contact the Budget Office to help resolve the problem. Encumbrances can cause your report(s) to be negative. For the most part negatives due to encumbrances will resolve themselves as payroll releases. Negatives due to encumbrances are usually $200.00.

What is lo​​​ngevity?

Longevity is an incentive pay for regular, full-time, non-academic employees that relates to years of service. Faculty with administrative appointments or those who are assigned to full time research in the summer are eligible for longevity pay during these appointments.

How do I release/adjust a payroll encumbrance?​​

To release a payroll encumbrance an ePAR needs to be processed to terminate the employee(s) from the position. To adjust a payroll encumbrance, an ePAR needs to be processed to increase/decrease work hours or Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) for the employee(s).

How do I determine if the base ​budget is correct for a position?

Apply these formulas to the employees compensation rate. Contact the Budget Office if the base budget on your BOB report does not match.

Hourly Rate x 2,088 = budget $15.00 x 2,088 = $31,320.00

Monthly Rate x 12 = budget $5,000.00 x 12 = $60,000.00

What are the percentages ​​for calculating fringe benefits?

The percentages are as follows:

  • Work Study: 2%
  • Temporary Office: 13.5%
  • Adjunct: 17%
  • Full-time: 28%

Are fringe benefits included as par​​t of the salary and wages budget?

No, fringe benefits are budgeted separately using a B5007 budget node.

What is ​​​a budget node?

A budget node is a summary or pool level account used to define a type of budget. For example, B5009 is the budget node for Maintenance and Operations expenses.

What is the difference bet​​ween a Base (Original) and Current (Adjustment) budget?

Original budget impacts a department’s permanent base budget and future fiscal year budget. However, adjustment budgets only impact the current fiscal year’s budget.

Position Req​uest

What dollar amount ​​​should I place in the proposed section of the position request (PRF)?

The proposed amount is an estimate of what you think the position will pay once filled. For full-time staff positions, you can check ESO’s website under compensation for position grade and the allowable amount. Depending on the grade the proposed amount will be somewhere between the minimum through the midpoint. 

What effective date should I p​​lace in the cost center information section?

The effective date should always be the beginning of the pay period for both hourly and monthly personnel.

How do I create a new p​​osition number? 

New position numbers are created via position request (PRF). In some cases you can request to re-activate an inactive position instead of creating a new position number..

What should I do if​​ position request will not take the speed type?

You can write speed type and cost center on the position request and/or ask the Budget Office for assistance. 

How do I view the complia​​​nce self assessment tool for Budget Maintenance?

This information is provided on the Compliance & Ethics website.

How can I view informa​​tion concerning UHD’s compliance program?

This information is provided on the Compliance & Ethics website.

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