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Professional T​utors​

Photograph of Lead Peer Tutor Sean Curcio

Sean Curcio
BA in Philosophy, UHD (Spring 2015)​

Sean’s professional interests include consciousness, religion, philosophy, positive psychology, and sociology. Sean’s personal interests include video games and music.​​




photograph of student peer tutor Sarah McGinnis

Sarah McGinnis
BS in Psychology, UHD (Summer 2016)

I love words, both speaking and writing. Being able to articulate what we think and feel is an important aspect of being human, one in which we all can grow. In being a tutor, my hope is to encourage others to express their individuality - their perspective that no one else has. My interests include all Social Sciences as well as English and Spanish Literature, Poetry and Creative Writing. I'm an activist, specifically focusing on clean water for developing countries and animal welfare. For relaxation, I focus on cooking (particularly for special diets such as gluten-free or Paleo) and gardening. I am also in the early stages of a meditation practice, which is both challenging and rewarding.​​​


Zahmar Rounds
BS in Psychology, UHD (Fall 2017)​Zahmar Rounds

Zahmar Rounds holds a BS in Psychology from UHD. His academic interests include education and the psychology of education. His future plans would have him teaching at the professorial level after graduate school. He enjoys fighting games and green tea.​

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