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Undergraduate Peer Tutors

Justin Hill
Majors:  Philosophy
Minors: Mathematics, Psychology, SociologyWriting and Reading Logo


I am a philosophy major at UHD, with minors in mathematics, psychology, and sociology. I spend most of my time reading and the rest of it writing. I love ethics and political philosophy (the latter is really just an extension of the former), as well as legal philosophy, educational psychology, sociology, and logic. I love learning, so almost any topic is open game for talking about with me. If I don't know about it already, I guarantee that I'm excited to learn more about it. I'm currently going through the pre-graduate school motions (entrance exams, extracurricular activities, internships, department and program research, etc.) to pursue a joint JD/PhD in philosophy. I may end up in a non-profit organization, a think tank, or a university; I'm not sure yet. I am, however, certain that I want to make the world more just.

Benjamin McCarthy
Major:  English


I am an English Major with interests in the fields of post-colonialism and indigenous studies. I didn't think I'd like to write growing up and I originally came to school to study engineering.  However, UHD has brought this passion out in me, and now I not only enjoy writing but also helping others because I find one of the great joys of writing is collaborating and sharing ideas with your peers. What I hope to achieve with the writing center is a polishing of my teaching and interpersonal skills in order to prepare me for my future career of being an English professor. I am interested in absolutely everything; I don't believe there is an uninteresting topic if you approach it the right way. Except maybe video games (sorry guys).



Chika Nworah
Major:  Biology (concentration in Microbiology)


I am a true believer in these words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi: "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others," and as such, I dedicate most of my free time volunteering as I pursue my biology degree here at UHD. I chose to become a tutor here at the writing center to become more engaged with the resources available on campus and to lend a helping hand to students who may need more reassurance on their piece of writing.

My interests include watching dateline on NBC, eating in Brazilian restaurants here in Houston, catching up on the latest Frontline documentaries, browsing through fashion websites & magazines, participating in cancer research, volunteering and sleeping. I intend to pursue an MD degree after my time at UHD.

My proudest accomplishment is that I don't drink coffee :)

Christopher Billings
Major:  English
I am an English major here at University of Houston – Downtown with a passionate interest in Creative Writing.  I plan to get my MA in Rhetoric and Composition here after wrapping up my bachelor's.  I hope to be an academic advisor and later become an English teacher to support and promote new academic students.  I am a soft spoken person that loves to read Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels and watch new and interesting T.V. shows.  Some of my favorite authors include: Brandon Sanderson, Peter V. Brett, Brian Staveley, Orson Scott Card, George R. R. Martin, and J.K. Rowling.  I enjoy playing video games in my off time, especially MMORPG’s and first person shooters. 

Emily Christiansen
Major:  English


I am a Professional Writing major with a particular interest in Technical Writing. I plan to get my Master’s in Technical Communication. After that, I would like to work as a technical writer and editor. I relish reading, mostly fantasy, science fiction and comics.

I also enjoy etymology; it is fun seeing how different words and languages are related.  ​

Lorena Marquez
Major:  English
Minor:  Spanish TranslationLorena

I’ve always loved reading and writing, so it wasn’t difficult deciding that I would Major in English while in college. I’m very proud of my Mexican heritage, and as a native Spanish speaker, it felt natural to want to Minor in Spanish Translation as well. Outside of academics, I’m very passionate about animals, particularly dogs, and when I have free time I like to feed some of the strays near my home. Other than that, I enjoy spending time with my own 2 dogs, baking, drawing, watching tv, and eating sushi.


Patrick Graham
Major:  EnglishWriting and Reading Logo

Patrick came to UHD in the Spring of 2017. He is working on his second Bachelor's degree in Humanities.  Before UHD, Patrick graduated from Purdue University in 2006. He got a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Information Technology.  Then, he spent ten years in corporate America, fixing computers. In 2016, he got laid off. So, he chose to go back to school to pursue his true passion---the Humanities.  Patrick stays busy in his free-time. He likes to read, write, juggle, do Parkour and spend time with his wife and kid.


Galleryy Martinez Reyna
Majors:  English and Humanities (concentration in Critical Race Studies)

Peer Tutor Martinez Reyna

In her 1993 speech for the Nobel Prize Award in Literature, Toni Morrison said, " We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives." Morrison's words have remained with me through the years, inspiring me to pursue a double major in English and Humanities with a concentration in Critical Race Studies. I choose to believe the language I create in this world will make an impact, regardless of its measure. With this in mind I am passionate about literature, creative writing, poetry, visual arts, and social justice -- race, gender, sex, sexuality, immigration, education, etc. You can always find me writing an essay or a scary story -- the occult fascinates me. You will certainly find me at a local museum admiring the work of artists, and most importantly always working on a cause I am passionate about. 


Melanie Perez
Major:  Communications

I am a communications major with a concentration in rhetorical public communication. I am interested in public relations, public speaking, and business and technical writing. As a returning student with years of professional experience, I am passionate about concise and effective resumes, cover letters, and general workplace writing.

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