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Undergraduate Peer Tutors

Arbene HarperWriting and Reading Peer Tutor

Major:  English

I am an English major with an interest in Critical Race Studies and African American literature. I enjoy reading, writing, and going to art related events around the city. In the near future, I plan to run the world… or at least part of it.  

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Christopher Billings

Major: EnglishBillings.jpg

I am an English major here at University of Houston – Downtown with a passionate interest in Creative Writing.  I plan to get my MA in Rhetoric and Composition here after wrapping up my bachelors.  I hope to be an academic advisor and later become an English teacher to support and promote new academic students.  I am a soft spoken person that loves to read Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels and watch new and interesting T.V. shows.  Some of my favorite authors include: Brandon Sanderson, Peter V. Brett, Brian Staveley, Orson Scott Card, George R. R. Martin, and J.K. Rowling.  I enjoy playing video games in my off time, especially MMORPG’s and first person shooters. 

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Emily Christiansen​
Major:  Professional Writing​             

I am a Professional Writing major with a particular interest in Technical Writing. I plan to get my Master’s in Technical Communication. After that, I would like to work as a technical writer and editor. I relish reading, mostly fantasy, science fiction and comics.
I also enjoy etymology; it is fun seeing how different words and languages are related.  ​

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Patrick Graham
Major:  Humanities

Patrick came to UHD in the Spring of 2017. He is working on his second Bachelor's degree in Humanities.  Before UHD, Patrick graduated from Purdue University in 2006. He got a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Information Technology.  Then, he spent ten years in corporate America, fixing computers. In 2016, he got laid off. So, he chose to go back to school to pursue his true passion---the Humanities.  Patrick stays busy in his free-time. He likes to read, write, juggle, do Parkour and spend time with his wife and kid.

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