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Graduate Peer Tutors​


Regan JoswiakRegan Joswiak

Student, Master of Science in Technical Communication Program, UHD​

My academic interests include Digital Humanities, Rhetoric and Composition, Technical Communication, and Editing and Style. In my free time, I volunteer at a non-profit organization in Montgomery. I also enjoy music, camping, theatre, and watching Netflix.​

Writing & Reading Center

Jorge Martinez

​​Student, Master of Science in Technical Communication program, UHD​​

My passion for writing and English, in general, arose with reading. I have read since I was a child, and I read a great deal more now as an adult. Partaking in a writing workshop revealed to me how important it is to know the concepts and fundamentals of English, and so began my striving to become a professional writer. I wish to understand what it is that makes up the English language, through its structure and meaning, so that I may be able to construct pieces of writing to get my messages across. Communication through language has always been an important aspect of life.​

Vera Thomas

Student, Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Composition (MARC) program
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