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Professional Tutors

The Writing & Reading Center provides tutoring services for all UHD students and maintains a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Meet some of our professional tutoring staff.


Major: English
Certifications: CRLA Advanced Tutor, Level 1
​Specialties and Bio: Like any English major, I enjoy reading and writing. I'm also a road trip enthusiast, coffee connoisseur, beginning yogi, and avid longboarder.​
Jaida Tutor Photo


Major: English, BA and Te​chnical Communication, MS.
Certifications: CRLA Advanced Tutor, Level 1
Specialties and Bio: I am a Houston Native who graduated from UHD in Fall 2021 with a BA in English and an MS in TCOM. In my free time, I love to primarily read, as well as painting, skateboarding, working on my blog, and working out.​

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