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Professional Tutors

The Writing & Reading Center provides tutoring services for all UHD students and maintains a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Meet our trained and experienced professional tutoring staff.


Degree: B.S. English (Minor Creative Writing), UHD
Certifications: CRLA Advanced Tutor, Level 1
Specialties and Bio: Professional interests include Creative Writing Projects both professional and personal. Rhetoric and Composition, Queer Studies, English Poetry and Literature, Philosophy, and Psychology. Personal interests include various video games and shows.
Blanca Professional Tutor



Degree:  B.A, English (concentration in Creative Writing and Minor in Philosophy), UHD
Certifications: CRLA Advanced Tutor, Level II
Specialties and Bio: Reading comics, watching TV, or speculating on what happens in Avengers 4 and beyond.
Paul Professional Tutor


Major: English, UHD
Certifications: CRLA Advanced Tutor Level 1
​Specialties and Bio: Like any English major, I enjoy reading and writing. I'm also a road trip enthusiast, coffee connoisseur, beginning yogi, and avid longboarder.​
Jaida Tutor Picture

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