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    Our Mission

    The WRC facilitates UHD students, staff, and faculty efforts to read, write, think critically, and communicate.

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    We can assist you at any stage of the writing process and with any type of personal or academic writing.

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    The Writing & Reading Center

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WRC Research and Recognition

The Writing & Reading Center is committed not only to serving UHD's students, faculty, and staff, but to critical inquiry, research, and ongoing professional development.  Because of this mission, our staff are actively encouraged to explore their research interests.

The scholarship produced from our staff takes on the form of articles, conference presentations, HIPs showcases, and grant proposals, and it involves undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff.

Below is a list of selected scholarship from the past several years that includes publications, edited work, presentations, grants awarded, and certifications. Most of the listed research focuses on writing center theory and practice; however, some scholarship listed is not directly related to writing center practice, but nonetheless shows the diverse research interests of our staff.


Joswiak, R. & Duncan, M. (2020). Inform or Persuade? An Analysis of Technical Communication Textbooks. Technical Communication, forthcoming.

Edited Work

Gathe, Marion (2019). IMAGE: I Make a Great Employee, Executive, Entrepreneur. Syneetra Williams (Ed.).


Graham, P. (2019, June).  "Nice to See You": The Effect of Webcam Use During a Tutoring Screencast on Instructor Presence. Work-in-progress presentation at the Graduate Research Network conference, East Lansing, MI.

Graham, P. (2019, April). The Value of Asynchronous Feedback in Online Writing Courses When Delivered Via Screencast. Paper presentation at Innovative Teaching and Learning Symposium, Houston, TX.

Joswiak, R., Graham, P. and McGinnis, S. (2019, April). Using High-Impact Practices to Improve the WRC's Online Presence. Round-table quick talk at UHD's HIPs Showcase, Houston, TX. 

Graham, P. (2018, April). The Bildungsroman as a Vehicle for the Queer Story. Paper presentation at UHD's Gender Conference, Houston, TX.

Sands, S., Christiansen, E., and Joswiak, R. (2018, April). Enhancing Student Learning with RAD Research. Featured presentation at UHD's HIPs Showcase, Houston, TX.

Christiansen, E., Joswiak, R., McGinnis, S. & Billings, C. (2018, March). Building Tutor Self-Efficacy Through Connections in Online Tutoring. Work-in-progress presentation at the  Southern California Writing Centers Association conference, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Rounds, Z. (2017, April). Improving Tutoring Praxis through National Engagement. Poster session at UHD's HIPs Showcase, Houston, TX.

Rounds, Z. (2016, November). A Music Session for a Writing Session? A Study of Ambient Noise in the Writing Center. Presentation at the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, Tacoma, WA.

Scharold, D., Rounds, Z., Powell, Y. & Curcio, S. (2015, September). "I'm Not Dead Yet": Reviving and (R)evolutionizing Asynchronous Tutoring. Presentation at the International Writing Centers Association conference, Pittsburgh, PA.


Using High-Impact Practices for a Collaborative Assessment Project, UHD Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, $3,000, 2019-2020

Using High-Impact Practices to Improve the WRC's Online Presence, UHD Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, $2,176, 2018-2019

Enhancing Student Learning with RAD Research, UHD Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, $3,000, 2017-2018

Improving Tutoring Praxis through National Engagement, UHD Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, $3,000, 2016-2017

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