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Undergraduate Peer Tutors


Major: Criminal Justice, UHD
Certifications: CRLA Advanced Tutor, Level I
Specialties and Bio: Besides school, I love to bake and spend countless hours watching shows and YouTube videos.



Degree:  B.A, English (concentration in Creative Writing and Minor in Philosophy), UHD
Certifications: CRLA Advanced Tutor, Level II
Specialties and Bio: Reading comics, watching TV, or speculating on what happens in Avengers 4 and beyond.
Paul Peer Tutor


Major: Social Work (with a minor in Psychology), UHD
Certifications: CRLA Level I
Specialties and Bio: I am a full-time student who strives to help and advocate for others in need. I enjoy volunteering, servicing those experiencing homelessness, and traveling in my free time. I also enjoy writing, reading, and watching movies. George Orwell is still one of my favorite authors, I love re-watching The Office, and am a huge Harry Potter fan.
"Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you." -RBG
TiAna Peer Tutor

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