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Undergraduate Peer Tutors


Major: English, UHD

Minor: Creative Writing
Certifications: CRLA Tutor, Level I

Specialties and Bio: I'm an English major, Creative Writing minor.  I enjoy writing and reading and experiencing all kinds of stories.  


Major: Communications, UHD
Certifications: CRLA Advanced Tutor, Level II; Mental Health First Aid

Specialties and Bio: I am a communications major with a concentration in rhetorical public communication. I am interested in public relations, public speaking, and business and technical writing. As a returning student with years of professional experience, I am passionate about concise and effective resumes, cover letters, and general workplace writing.


Major: English (concentration in Creative Writing), UHD
Minor: Philosophy
Certifications: CRLA Advanced Tutor, Level II

Specialties and Bio: I am a English major with a focus on Creative Writing. I love stories that challenge the readers with new ways to see the world. This is probably the reason why I love philosophy so much. While I'm not sure on the career that I want or where I will end up, I know that writing will be a major part of my future. As I help someone in their writing, I always want to help them find their own voice so that their paper is a reflection of them. I love discussing new ideas with people and to learn more about the world around me. When I'm not working, I enjoy reading comics, watching TV, or speculating on what happens in Avengers 4 and beyond.


Major: Criminal Justice, UHD

Specialties and Bio: Besides school, I love to bake and spend countless hours watching shows and YouTube videos.


Major: History (concentration in Creative Writing), UHD

Specialties and Bio: fiction writing, environmental law, African-American agency in the 19th century, the American Civil War, and European Colonization. When he is not hitting the books, Terril indulges in photographing Houston's resilient wildlife.

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