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College Success Program

Incoming freshman are a part of the College Success Program at UHD.

The College Success Program is a 1-credit course designed to introduce students to baccalaureate study and the expectations of the university. The course examines learning styles and the application of learning principles to communication skills, group processes, and personal management. Students develop strategies for achieving personal and academic success. These include motivation, study skills, time management, and test anxiety. Among the additional topics covered are the following:

  • General Education core curriculum;
  • University resources, policies, and procedures;
  • Developing intellectual skills through active learning;
  • Balancing curricular and co-curricular activities; and
  • Educational and professional goal setting.

Originally designed for entering freshmen, the College Success Program course has been adapted for sections focused on assisting probationary students. For these students who are in academic jeopardy, the course emphasizes problem-solving strategies, self-regulation, and career development.

Entering freshmen

  • CSP 1101 and CSP 110D
  • CSP 110W (online version)

Probationary students

  • CSP 110A (face-to-face and online sections)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate that they know and understand the University’s basic academic policies and procedures (and demonstrate an ability to navigate successfully through basic registration procedures).

  2. Students will demonstrate skill in managing those factors (unrealistic course loads, not following withdrawal procedures, ignoring prerequisites) that are most likely to get them into academic difficulty.

  3. Students will demonstrate understanding of the purposes of the support services offered by the University and show that they are able to access them.

  4. Students will practice effective study skills outside of class.

  5. Students will demonstrate an ability to use technology, such as electronic communication and collaboration tools. students making connections

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