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Faculty Tutor giving an online tutorial

C4MS​2 Virtual Drop-in Tutoring

Need quick help in math but didn’t sch​edu​le an appoi​ntment? Please visit our resident drop-in math tutor. No appointment necessary!

During the Week of May 3, drop-in to the following Zoom rooms during these days and times to receive drop-in math support. Get quick help in the following courses.

​CourseDay/TimeZoom RoomPassword
MATH 1306 and MATH 2402May 5 from 2 pm t​o 4 pm
STAT 1312, STAT 2300, STAT 2305, STAT 3309, and STAT 3311
​May 6 from 10 a​​m to 1 pm​
MATH 1306 and MATH 240​2​May 6 from 12 noon to 2 pm
MATH 2402May 8 from 10 am to 12 pm​

​If you have questions or issues accessing drop-in tutoring, contact Dr. Joseph Cunningham at cunning​hamj@u​

Last updated 5/7/2021 12:18 PM