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Tutoring Po​licies

1. We help you learn to problem-solve to improve your math skills.

We will not assist with take-home exams, but will gladly work with you to improve your skills.

2. We are fully online and appointment-based.

You are allowed to schedule up to one 45-minute session per day.

3. Please log in on time and cancel if needed.

If you no-show for 3 or more appointments in one semester, you will waitlisted until the semester's end. If you are running late, please email and we will reserve the remaining time without canceling the appointment.

4. Tutors cannot speculate about your grade.

We can, however, share our thoughts about your assignments and homework.

5. Tutors cannot assist current classmates.

Students are welcome to choose any other tutor on our staff. However, please confirm the tutor you select can tutor MATH OR STATISTICS.

6. Your student records are confidential.*

If your instructor requires proof that you participated in tutoring, you may share your email copy of the Session Note sent to GatorMail summarizing your session.

     *Unless otherwise required by university policy, such as Title IX concerns.

Last updated 2/26/2021 6:11 AM