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The University Honors Program - The adventure continues


Ryan Hashem, BBA General Business, Fall 2019 

Clinical Analyst, HCA Healthtrust Purchasing Group 


Defining undergraduate moment? 

One moment that defined my undergraduate experience would be helping plan the first Super Smash Bro’s ultimate tournament. I was just eager to finally plan one because my friend is usually the one to do it in my hom​etown, I never expected it to have such a big turnout to the point where the halls were crammed with people who wanted to compete. After that It felt like more people wanted me to help them come up with events and parties.

Most memorable academic experience? 

One of my favorite experiences was convincing two of my professors to take both of our classes to St. Arnold’s Brewery. We were actually able to get a nice tour, learn about their business model and strategies, as well as meet their CEO. Most of the Honors professors I know are willing to entertain fun ideas like that.  

How did Honors help prepare you for your future? 

In Honors I learned that there’s a lot more to gain from a university than just a piece of paper. I learned different leadership skills for different sizes of various groups. I feel like Honors gave me a way to really figure out who I am, what I want to do, and how to push past my own limits. I made lifelong friendships, valuable exposure to lots of different professionals, and I got to know people from all over the world. 


Ryan Hashem Alumni Spotlight 



Do You Have Good News To Share?



SPRING 2020 

Perla Alvarado                          

Cynthia Andrade                     

Jennifer Betancourt               

Thomas Canny                         

Melissa Garcia                          

Archie Gayle                            

Eduardo Gil                              

Elizabeth Gonzalez                

Alfred Grimaldo                      

Jamie Guzman                         

Namita Kadel                           

Isbah Khan                                

Thalia Martinez                        

Alondra Morillon                      

Katey Qualls                              

Lizett Rodriguez                      

Fany Rubio                                Jasmine Torres                        Taylor Tumbleson                   

Andrea Vasquez                     

Jesse Uppal                              

BBA Accounting 

BBA Accounting 

BSW Social Work 

BS Political Science, BBA International Business 

BS Psychology 

BA English 

BA Mathematics 

BS Psychology 

BA English 

BS Interdisciplinary Studies 

BBA Management 

BS Mathematics, BA Philosophy 

BBA Management 

BA History 

BBA Management 

BBA Accounting 

BS Psychology 

BSW Social Work 

BA Mathematics 

BS Political Science 

BS Criminal Justice & Political Science


HNRS Cohort 2017 


FALL 2019 

Prashant Bashyal                   

Sara Bhai                                   

Angela Dawson                      

Nav Dhadral                              

Aimee Garcia Soto                

Mariana Grijalva                    

Ryan Hashem                          

Danielle Jackson                    

Helen Martinez                       

Xena Orozco                              

Jennifer Osorio                        

Maris Payne                              

Yadira Rebollar                         

Ruth Salvador                          

Miguel Sanchez                       

​Christian Tijerina                   

​BBA Management Information Systems 
BA Interdisciplinary Studies 
BA Fine Arts 
BBA Marketing 
BA History 
BBA Accounting 
BBA General Business 
BBA Accounting 
BA History 
BS Interdisciplinary Studies 
BBA Accounting 
BBA General Business 
BBA General Business 
BBA Finance 
BA Philosophy 
BS Psychology

Grads Fall 2019 


SPRING 2019 

Evelyn Garcia                            

Carlos Guajardo                      

Julio Enriquez                           

Haleigh Folger                          

Mariangela Gamez                  

Ignasio Hernandez                    

Chisomnazu Ibe                       

Remsha Iqbal                             

Jasmine Major                          

Citlaly Rubio                             

Armita Tajadod                        

Jocelyn Torres                          

Justin Tyler                                

​BA English & Philosophy 
BA History 
BS Geosciences, BA Philosophy 
BS Psychology
BS Criminal Justice
BS Mathematics 
BS Biological and Physical Sciences 
BS Biotechnology 
BSW Social Work 
BSW Social Work 
BS Political Science 
BS Political Science 
BBA Management


Grads Spring 2019 


FALL  2018 

Dionesia Bardwell
Paige Caldwell                          ​Cristal Pena                        Jessica Plascensia-Delgado   

BS Biotechnology
BA English

BS Political Science 

BS Political Science

Honors Grads of 2018 ​


Katy De La O
Yadia Gamez 
Faryal Gul
Eisha Khan
Juan Leija
Kara Moore
Magge Nunez
Yarmilla Reyes
Estefania Rodriguez 
Taylor Scott
Wallace Wilson  

BS Political Science 

BA English, BS Psychology 

BS Political Science, BA History 

BS Political Science & Psychology 

BA History 

BA Communication Studies 

BS Psychology 

BS Biology 

BS Interdisciplinary Studies 

BBA Accounting 

BS Political Science


Graduates for the Spring '18

SPRING 2017 

Edith Adalba                 BA Spanish 

Martin Valdez               BS Criminal Justice 


First HNRS Grads of 2017 


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