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  • The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies combines traditional academics with innovative learning
    Combination of Traditional Academics with Innovative Learning Opportunities

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    The UHD BS-IS Degree is a 120-Credit Hour Program

     BS-IS Catalog

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    BS-IS Degree Information for Available UHD Minors

 The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies combines traditional academics with innovative learning opportunities that will help you finish UHD strong.
Melissa Hovsepian, PhD, Program Director of Interdisciplinary Studies with Cord Ceremony Awarded Fall Graduate.An interdisciplinary major can broaden your academic knowledge and equip you with an array of skills relevant for entry into many occupations. Employers value critical-thinking, teamwork, and solid communication skills. They seek 
employees who can handle complex information and solve real-world problems. The Interdisciplinary Studies degree is customizable to meet your academic goals within the parameters of degree requirements and prerequisites. 

BSIS Degree  

The UHD BSIS degree is a 120-credit hour program. Students customize a degree plan to meet their academic goals and their intended career path. They can opt to complete a traditional minor or they may choose to study combinations that teach certain skills or focus on particular fields. Options for developing innovative fields of study include social media studies and environmental studies. Students may choose to focus on courses to improve leadership, presentation, and writing skills. Courses can be online, face-to-face, or a combination of the two. 

BS IS Alumni Panel Discussion

The versatility of the BSIS allows up to 90 hours transfer credit and is often the degree of choice for transfer students seeking the most efficient path to graduation. It is an attractive option for students who wish to acquire an innovative degree to fulfill academic and professional goals. Some students 
pursue the BSIS to achieve their personal education goals. Others seek to advance within their current career or to forge a new career path. 

Minors Programs

Though not required, students are encouraged to complete a minor within their BSIS degree. UHD offers over 50 minors from which to choose. Consult an academic advisor regarding these options and how they may factor into your degree completion.

The top THREE minors BSIS graduates

  • Psychology
  • General Business
  • Communications


"What are our BSIS graduates doing?"

  • Project Manager
  • Education Administrator
  • I.T. Director
  • Financial Advisor
  • Police Officer
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Facilities Manager
  • Community Relations Director
  • Bank Branch President
  • Payroll Manager
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Instructional Designer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Entrepreneur
BSIS graduates work in a variety of industries and occupations, including:

  • Fine Arts Director
  • Property Management
  • Computer Systems Administrators
M. Hovsepian, PhD, Program Director

M. Hovsepian, PhD, Program Chair 

Room S601​





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