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2-Year BS IS Online Course Rotation—for Online Degree Completion

(This suggested degree completion regimen assumes a transfer student is an online student who is Core Complete and in need only of the 36 U/L hours and Portfolio to complete the degree. It also assumes completion of COMM 1306 and PSY 1303 and a PHIL course.) Compiled based on
AY 2015/16 and AY 2016/17 course schedules using long semesters.

Year 1 Fall

                ENG 3302 Business and Tech Report Writing (ENG Writing requirement)

                PSY 3301 Industrial/Organizational Psychology

                PHIL 3301 Moral Philosophy I (Ethics


Year 1 Spring

                AA 3302 Administrative Communication

                COMM 3319 Communication in Conflict (Potential Concentration/Minor)

                ENG 3312 Studies in Fiction (Writing Skills

Year 2 Fall

                AA 3306 Decision Making Skills for Administrators

                COMM 3310 Men, Women and Communication (Potential Concentration/Minor)

                PSY 3312 Positive Psychology (Potential Concentration/Minor)

Year 2 Spring

                AA 3307 Administrative Leadership

                PSY 3309 Adult Psychology (Potential Concentration/Minor)

                COMM 3340 Communication and Leadership (Potential Concentration/Minor)

                ISS 4098 IS Portfolio

[Depending on transfer grades and UHD grades, student may earn both a COMM and PSY Minor with this regimen if 2 additional L/L SPCH and PSY courses were transferred in to UHD—otherwise student will have to substitute 2 additional U/L COMM and PSY courses into the regime above in place of AA and PHIL courses]

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